Get Metro PCS Free Tablet [2024] – Complete Guidance

A tablet plays a crucial role in working and studying. However, many low-income people can’t buy such gadgets due to financial constraints. Now, the US Government provides a Metro PCS free tablet via the Affordable Connectivity Initiative. 

“Hats off to the press! Metro PCS has given an amazing offer to its loyal patrons and fresh faces. This article will provide requisite information on how to obtain Metro PCS tablets. You can also qualify for Assurance Wireless free tablet. If you need free tablet then Assurance Wireless tablets offer.

Overview of Metro PCS Free Tablet Offer

T-Mobile offspring, Metro PCS, provides free tablets to eligible candidates. For this, T-Mobile takes part in the ACP Program. Their primary goal is to help low-earning people. So, giving free tablets is like opening the doors to a treasure trove of tech treats.

Moreover, with free tablets, Metro PCS also offers free phone services. Therefore, getting free phone services with tablets is like obtaining a dual win. 

Application Procedure For Metro PCS Free Tablet

If you wish to acquire Metro PCS free tablets, follow the below steps:

Metro PCS Free Tablet Application
  • First, visit the National Verifier official page at
  • Check your eligibility for a free tablet through the ACP Program.
  • If you fit the bill, fill out the Metro PCS application form with your appropriate information, such as name and address.
  • Upload eligibility documents to show you are qualified. 
  • Submit these needed documents with application paperwork.
  • Now, wait for the service supplier’s response; this may take two to three days. 
  • After approval, you will receive an ID code. 
  • Visit Metropcs’ official page and input this ID code.

After finishing this process, wait for Metro PCS supplier response. You will obtain a free Metro PCS if they approve your application. Also check Unity Wireless free tablet offer.

Requirements For Metro PCS Tablets

If you want to get a brand new free Metro PCS tablet through the Affordable Connectivity program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • According to the federal poverty instructions, your annual income threshold is 135%.
  • You must participate in Government helping programs, like Supplemental Nutrition Assistance and Medicaid.
  • You have obtained a Pell Grant for the current school year.
  • You must participate in the Tribal-Specific helping programs, like Indian Reservation and Food Distribution Program (FDP).
  • It would help if you were a beneficiary of the lurch program or reduced-price breakfast programs for the school. 

If you’re a senior member then must explore free tablet offer for seniors.

Required Documents For the Metro PCS Tablets

Below are the required documents for Metro PCS tablets:

Required Documents For Metro PCS Tablets
  • Residency proof, such as gas, electricity, and utility bills.
  • Income proof with tax returns.
  • Participation proof in Government helping programs, such as Medicaid, Benefit award, and Supplemental Security Income. 
  • The identity card that shows you are a citizen of the US. 

If you fulfill all the requirements for a Metro PCS tablet, contact your service provider and claim a free tablet. 

What Are Free Metro PCS Tablet Plans?

Below are some Metro PCS tablet plans, including talk time, text messages, and data packages.

PlansTalk TimeText MessageHotspot DataPrice Per Month
Plan 1UnlimitedUnlimited 10GB$10
Plan 2Unlimited Unlimited 5GB$20
Plan 3Unlimited Unlimited 15GB +100GB for Google One storage$30

What Are Available Options For Free Tablet Metro PCS?

The following are available options for Free Tablet Metro PCS:

  • Apple iPad.
  • Sky Tablet.
  • Amazon Fire Tablet.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tablet.
  • Lenovo Tablet.

Best Features OF Free Metro PCS Tablets 

TabletsDisplayProcessorStorage & RAMCameraOperating SystemExpandable System
Apple iPad10.2 Inches Display, 1620 x 2160 Pixels2 x 2.65 GHs lighting and 4 x 1.8 GHz Thunder Hexa-core3GB RAM with 64GB Internal ROM12MP Front Camera & 8MP Back Camera iPad OS 15No expandable Storage
Sky Tablet8 Inches Display, 800 x 1200 Pixels1.6 GHz Octa-Core3GB RAM with 32GB Internal ROM2MP Front Camera & 5MP Back CameraAndroid TM11MicroSD
Amazon Fire Tablet7 Inches Display, 1024 x 600 Pixels1.3 GHz Quad-Core1GB RAM with 8GB Internal ROM0.3MP Front Camera & 2MP Back CameraFire OSMicroSD
Samsung Galaxy Tablet8 Inches Display, 800 x 1340 Pixels4 x 2.3 GHs Cortex-A53 and 4 x 1.8  GHs Cortex-A53 Octa-Core2GB RAM with 32GB Internal ROM2MP Front Camera & 8MP Back CameraAndroid 11MicroSDXC
Lenovo Tablet11 Inches Display, 1200 x 2000 Pixels2.2 GHz Octa-Core3GB RAM with 32GB Internal ROM8MP Front Camera & 13MP Back CameraAndroid Oreo MicroSDXC

Advantages And Disadvantages of Metro PCS Free Tablet

Below are the positive aspects and negatives of getting a Metro PCS Free Tablet.


  • Affordable Plans – Metro by T-Mobile provides free, low-cost tablets with phone services. These plans are like rays of sunshine for low-earning households and individuals. 
  • Device Financing – Metro PCS allows users to pay tablet fees in installments. So, low-income people can buy these expensive gadgets. 
  • Bundle Discounts – Metro PCS also offer free and discounted bundles like smartphones. Their offer of free talk time with text messages could be a real win-win situation for low-income families. 
  • Unlimited Data Plans – Metro PCS also provides unlimited data plans to its users. With these data plans, you may download and stream YouTube videos. It’s like a golden ticket for low-income people who use high-data apps. 


  • Limited Tablet Options – Metro PCS service providers give limited options to select free tablet models compared to other service providers. As a result, you have to choose one of your choices. 
  • Data Throttling – A few service providers restrict excessive free data usage. Once you cross-fixed, limited data speed will slow. Due to this reason, you may feel like you are stuck in jam traffic. 
  • Coverage Gaps – T-Mobile has improved its services. However, there might be some rural areas where they need to provide their service. So, before availing Metro PCS, you must check whether they are active in your area.
  • Limited International Roaming – Metropcs imposes few restrictions on free tablets like you can’t use Metro PCS tablets internationally. If you wish to use tablets internationally, choose an alternative service provider.

Frequently Asked Questions 

You will have a $10 activation fee for the Metro PCS Tablet. Sometimes, service providers charge extra charges; you can contact your Metro PCS service supplier. 

If you’re seeking a low-cost option plan, $10 is a good place to start. Moreover, you may select a $30 plan with a high budget. You will get talk time, text messages, and a high-speed Internet package in these plans. 

No, you can’t obtain Metro PCS tablets through the Lifeline program. If you want to get a free Metro tablet, go with T-Mobile. 

Usually, you will receive Metro PCS tablets for free, but service providers may ask for shipping fees. For more information, you must contact Metro PCS service provider.

After approval of the Metro PCS tablet application, you will get your free tablet in 5 to 6 working days. 


As part of T-Mobile, Metro PCS provides low-earning families and individuals with free, low-cost tablets and phones. For this, they go the extra mile to bridge the digital gap. They ensure each American has advanced technological gadgets like the Metro PCS free tablet. 

Moreover, Metro PCS service providers offer three plans. These plans include free minutes and high-speed Internet data. So, to avail of Metro PCS free tablet, an individual must participate in the Government and have low-income proof according to federal guidelines. 

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