Privacy Policy

At, I understand the importance of your privacy and it will be protected. This policy page outlines how we collect information when a user visits this website. If you want to contact us then visit the Contact us page. 

How We Collect Your Information?

When you visit, you put your name, address and email. In this way we collect your information. The main reason for collecting this information is because we want to improve free government phone services through your feedback. 

How We Utilize Your Information?

We use your information in different ways. A few of them are described in the section below

  • To get feedback from that website services could be improved.
  • To provide customer support and answer your queries. 
  • To send mails for the purpose of promotion and other purposes. 

Usage of Cookies

We might use cookies for the sake of knowing your activity on These cookies tell us how you interact on this site. These cookies contain a small file, you can also accept it as well as decline it. But remember declining these cookies can impact your experience on this site. 

Data Protection

While we may take some security measures to protect your information from any unauthorized access. But, it is important to understand that it is not safe to send information on the computer. However, we’ll do our best to secure your information but we can’t promise. 

Third Party Links might contain third party links. But we are not responsible for those websites so you can open those websites on your behalf. We’ll appreciate you reviewing the privacy pages of those third party websites before visiting. 

Children’s Privacy

On the, there is no data for those individuals whose age is below 13. So, if you find any footprints of that data you may also contact us so that we can remove that data from our record. 

Policy Updates might update or modify these privacy policy terms without sending any prior notification. So we’ll suggest you must check these terms periodically so that you might be protected. 

Contact us

If you have any query regarding our privacy policy terms then you may reach out through our Contact us page.