Free Government iPhone 6, 6 Plus & 6s [How To Get]

In today’s world, many people wish to have a brand-new phone. But, due to monetary hurdles, they can’t afford them. If you’re thinking about a free Government iPhone 6, even 6 Plus or 6s, then congratulations; now you can avail free phones through Government programs.

 The Lifeline program provides free and discounted phones to needy people. As a participant in this initiative, you may avail of a free iPhone 6 Government phone. To qualify for the iPhone 6 or iPhone 7, you must meet a fixed qualification benchmark like income criteria. Besides, you must be a permanent resident of the US, and you must have tribal land identification, green card, or social security number.

In this article, you will explore free Government iPhones, needed documents, requirements, features, benefits, and drawbacks of getting these free phones. 

How To Get A Free Government iPhone 6, 6 Plus & 6s?

Numerous programs help underserved people with free phones, including iPhones. The ACP and Lifeline are among the leading providers. Each initiative has its separate qualification criteria to receive a free phone. 

The qualification scenario of these programs is like the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12. For those people who wish to acquire a free iPhone through Lifeline, their income must be below 135%, while for ACP, this benchmark is 200%. Further, a candidate must participate in the helping programs like SSI, Medicaid and SNAP. By meeting this benchmark, you would qualify for a free phone.

State’s senior members can also get free phones from the Government initiatives. If you’re a senior and want to get a free iPhone 6, then search for a service provider in your neck of the woods who provides your desired free phone.  

Let’s explore some leading providers of free Government phones. 

4 Programs Offering Free Government iPhone 6, 6 Plus & 6s

As discussed, various programs team up with the Government to offer free phones. Below are 4 leading providers that offer Free Government phones. 

Free Government iPhone 6 Programs

Lifeline Assistance Program 

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) started an initiative in 1985 named Lifeline Assistance programs. It aims to offer affordable telephone services to all citizens. The USF (Universal Service Fund) releases subsidized funds to support this initiative. 

The Lifeline Assistance program is like a gleam of hope for low-income folks who can’t buy advanced tools. I believe Lifeline, along with free phones, also provides monthly phone services that are like hitting two targets at the same time.

Eligible people would receive a handsome $9.25 discount for broadband and Internet services. To qualify for this offer of Lifeline, an individual must provide income proof that should be below 135%. Along with income proof, they must provide residency proof like birth certificate and other documents. 

The Lifeline gives a flexible option to apply for free Government iphone 6. Interested applicants visit Lifeline’s official page and submit paperwork for a free phone. They can also select email options for the application procedure. 

Affordable Connectivity Program 

Another Federal Communication Commission initiative, the ACP, aims to help low-income qualifying households. The ACP program replaced EBB and assists low-income folks with discounted and affordable internet services. Along with monthly services, ACP also provides a one-time discount to an applicant for purchasing a computer, iPad, and laptop.

The ACP program also aims to provide broadband data services like the Lifeline initiative. It provides a $30 discount for Broadband Internet services to eligible folks. The ACP also gives a $100 prize bond to purchase a computer, iPad, or Laptop.

 If you’re wondering about a free laptop or PC, then you may explore ACP free laptops that might be a wonderful option for you. The ACP ensures each low-income folk has a possible means to stay with today’s technological world. For this instance, it offers discounts on Internet services to facilitate low-earnings folks. 

National Lifeline Program 

A non-profit program, the National Lifeline backs low-income people and provides financial aid. The exclusive goal of this program is to support those folks who are living under the poverty line. 

The usual Federal Communication Commission programs support this program by releasing funds. After receiving subsidized funds, the National Lifeline helps qualified folks on the basis of requirements and income criteria. If you fulfil the program criteria, then you can choose this service provider to get your favourite phone with program benefits. 

To be eligible for the National Lifeline offer of a free iPhone 6 Government phone, an individual’s income must be limited to 135%. At the same time, they have enrollment proof of the Government assistance programs like SSI and Food Stamps. 

By providing these phones and services, this initiative makes certain each low-income folks has valuable resources to stay connected. Moreover, these devices are helpful in bridging the digital gap. 

Connected America Fund

The Connect America Fund is a Federal Government program that the Federal Communication Commission initiated. This program was kicked off in 2011, and the Universal Service Administrative Company supported this program by releasing funds. 

The core aim of these funds is to help low-earning folks. Therefore, CAF provides these subsidized funds to different telecommunication companies serving in those areas so that they can assist people with discounted and free monthly services. 

By giving these funds, the Connect America Fund allows certain people in underserved areas to enjoy discounted monthly services at a reasonable price. Also, these funds would help to bridge the digital divide between certain communities. 

Eligibility Requirements To Avail A Free iPhone

Each program has separate qualification criteria to get a free phone. Below are the eligibility requirements to avail of a free Government iPhone 6, 6 Plus & 6s. 

Income Based Eligibility

Income Based Eligibility
  • Lifeline Criteria: If you want to receive a free iPhone through the Lifeline program, your income limit is 135%. It means to qualify for the program, your income must be equal to 135% or must be below it.
  • ACP Criteria: If you want to avail of a phone through the ACP program, then the income benchmark is 200% as per Federal Poverty instructions. 

Program Based Eligibility

Some programs fix eligibility on the basis of participation in assistance programs. Some of these are mentioned below:

Program Based Eligibility
  • Medicaid.
  • Supplemental Security Income Program.
  • School Lunch or Breakfast program.
  • Tribal Head Start.
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.
  • Food Stamps Program.
  • Federal Pell Grant.
  • Tribal Temporary Assistance For Needy Families.

Age-Based Eligibility

The Government and non-profit organizations also provide these cell phones on the basis of age. Below is the age limit; if you fall in that, then you may receive your desired device. 

Age Based Eligibility
  • State’s Senior Members: Those people who belong to the senior community should be above 65.
  • Other People: To receive a free iPhone, the minimum age limit is 18, so those people whose age is above this limit may receive a free phone. 

If you meet this eligibility benchmark, then you must provide the necessary papers for eligibility verification. Let’s explore which documents you must provide. 

Need Documents For Free Government iPhone 6

To verify the free phone initiative, a candidate must hand over these documents to the service supplier:

Documents For iPhone 6
  • Income Proof: Each program handler judges eligibility for some parameters, and income is one of them. According to their requirements, an applicant’s income must be below the authority’s directions. These guidelines might be just as Federal Poverty Instructors.
  • A Photocopy of ID: It might be your passport copy, state-issued Identity card, or driver’s license copy. 
  • Current Address Proof: For residency proof, you may provide your bank statement, employee statement, or utility bill record.
  • Food Stamps Enrollment Proof: A candidate must give food stamps enrollment proof to confirm they have participated in the Government benefit programs. 
  • Non-Profit Organizations Current Addresses List: A few applicants gain benefits from non-profit programs. In this case, they have to provide those programs’ current address lists. 

Remember, the status of these necessary documents may vary with time and state. So stay in contact with service suppliers. 

After giving this necessary paperwork, apply for a Government program to claim a brand new free Government iPhone 6, 6 Plus & 6s. 

Application Procedure For Free iPhone

The free iPhone service supplier gives a variety of options to apply for a free smartphone. The candidates may choose the online procedure via mail or by visiting service supplier offices. Let’s talk about these different ways.

Visiting Service Provide Office

  • Find A Collaborating Carrier: Numerous network carriers participate in the Government free phones program. You may locate these carriers by visiting the National Verifier page or via Google. After selecting a carrier, contact them and claim a free Government iPhone 6.
  • Assess Your Qualification: Visit select service suppliers and make certain you fulfil their needs to avail yourself of a free Government iPhone 6.
  • Complete Application Process: Now ask the network carrier to provide a free iphone application. Now fill out this with carrier recommendations and attached eligibility documents. 
  • Submit And Wait For Approval: Finish the application and hand it over to network carriers. Now, the ball is in the service provider’s code whether they approve your paperwork. If they accept eligibility documents, you will get a free iPhone. 

Application Via Mail 

Another option for a free iphone application is mail. Let’s address how you might proceed with this procedure via mail:

  • If you choose ACP or another carrier like Lifeline, visit their official page and download iPhone paperwork. 
  • Now print out a free iphone application and fill it with the program instructions.
  • You might also attach the mentioned documents. 
  • Then send these papers to Lifeline or ACP address P/O Box 7081, London, KY 40742.

Online Application Procedure 

The last option to avail of a free iPhone is an online application. Follow these guidelines to get a free iphone online:

  • First, visit the service supplier’s official page, and determine eligibility for the program.
  • Select your resident state option and press the “Proceed” button. 
  • You will land on an online application page. Now, provide all relevant details that a service provider has mentioned on their page.
  • Attach the mentioned documents and submit an iPhone application.

Best Features of Free Government iPhone 6, 6 Plus & 6s

These are amazing features of free iPhones; now you can opt for your favourite iPhone model. 

FeaturesiPhone 6 iPhone 6 PlusiPhone 6s
Display4.7-Inches IPS LCD5.5-Inches IPS LCD4.7-Inches IPS LCD
Weight129g 172g143g
ProcessorApple A8Apple A8Apple A9
Resolution1334 x 750 Pixels1920 x 1080 Pixels1334 x 750 Pixels
Battery LifeMore than 14 hours for talk time and 3GMore than 14 hours for talk time and 3GUp To 10 Hours
Storage16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB16GB, 64GB, 128GB16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB
CameraSingle 8MP front and Single 1.2MP back cameraSingle 8MP front and Single 1.2MP back cameraSingle 12MP front and 5MP camera
Battery TypeNon-removable, Li-Ion 1810 mAhNon-removable, Li-Ion 2915 mAhNon-removable, Li-Ion 1715 mAh
FingerprintYes AvailableYes AvailableYes Available

What is The Time-frame To Receive A Free iPhone?

Receiving a free iphone depends on service providers. Usually, this procedure takes at least 15 days. Below are some factors that play a critical role in receiving a free smartphone:

Time frame to receive free iPhone 6
  • The total number of free iPhone applications that a network carrier has received.
  • The current stock of Service providers.
  • Verification of the eligibility documents.

After confirmation of the provided documents, the iPhone supplier will notify you as soon as possible via call or text message. 

Now, you may understand why network carriers take more time, so stay calm and wait for your phone to enjoy the benefits. 

Benefits of Owning Free Government iPhone 

The following are positive aspects of how you take benefits by having free Government iPhone models:

  • A Crucial Source of Information: A free cell phone is a good source to get in touch with the latest information, like news. By having these free iPhones, you may listen to and watch the news. 
  • Communication Source: These smartphones are helpful to negotiate with friends and family whether you’re thousands of miles away from each other. In other words, these smartphones have evolved the world into an interconnected community. 
  • Low-cost And Discounted Devices: The Government tries each low-earning individual to get valuable resources. That’s why they provide these less expensive and discounted phones to deserving people. 

Drawbacks of Having Free Government iPhone

Along with benefits, these free iPhones also have some drawbacks; a few of them are:

  • Time-Consuming Procedure For Applying: The application process for the free iPhone 6 Government phone is time-consuming. First, an individual finds suppliers, then provides documents and fills out paperwork. So, the application process is restless for many candidates. 
  • Restrictions of Switching Carrier: A few program authorities impose restrictions, like you can opt for another supplier while you are enjoying it from the prior supplier. In this case, they will terminate you from their program.
  • Data Plan Restrictions: Sometimes, service suppliers fix a limit to use data; if you exceed that fixed limit, Internet speed will slow down. 

Final Thoughts 

Many people dream of having a smartphone like the free Government iPhone 6. But the government helps such people with these phones. If you qualify for this, you must opt for this program to avail your favourite model of free iPhone. 

Along with the iPhone 6, service suppliers also provide free minutes and data to watch videos and tutorials. Don’t pass up this golden opportunity to receive a free Government iPhone 6; go and start the application procedure. 

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