Free Government iPhone 8 Plus – How To Apply

Imagine you have a new free Government iPhone 8 Plus on your hands without paying a single cent. It might be a dream for many people, but because of economic constraints, they can’t afford it. Believe it or not, the US government is now providing these free iPhone to eligible people. 

Recently, I got a free iPhone 8 plus, so I’m here to spill the beans to obtain this smartphone without any cost. However, these models are not updated. But these models are still real workhorses. 

In this free iPhone 8 Plus article, I’ll explain which documents are necessary and how you can submit a free iPhone 8 and 8 Plus application form. Moreover, you will explore the top features of these smartphones. So, stay tuned and keep reading the whole article to get information about free Government iPhones. 

Best Way To Obtain A Free Government iPhone 8 Plus

To obtain a brand new iPhone 8 Plus, you have to provide the required documents. On the basis of these documents, service suppliers will decide your eligibility for the program. If the program provider approves, then you may submit a free iPhone 8 plus application.

 In the section below, I have provided exhaustive details on the whole process. So, read these prescriptions attentively.

Eligibility Requirements

To get the iPhone 8 Plus, you must meet the following requirements:

Eligibility For Free Government iPhone 8 Plus
  • Age Limit: Candidate must be above 18.
  • Income Limit: As per Federal Poverty rules, applicants income must be below 135%. 
  • Government Assistance Program: To get a free iPhone 8 plus, you or any family member must enroll in Government programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Medicaid, and Food Stamps. 

Needed Documents 

Before moving toward the application procedure, you must hand over the documents below to verify your eligibility status.:

Need Documents For Free iPhone 8 Plus
  • Income Proof: To obtain a free Government iPhone 8 plus, provide earning proof that must be according to the Federal Poverty instructions. 
  • Residency Proof: To get the benefits of free Government smartphone programs, you must be a citizen of the US. For this, provide a National ID card, Utility bills, driver’s license, or passport copy. 
  • Enrolment Proof in Government Programs: Provide paperwork that has your enrolment proof in different Government Assistance programs like SSI, Food Stamps, and SNAP. 
  • Current Address of Non-Profit Organizations: If you choose a non-profit organization as a service supplier that collaborates with the Government. In this case, you will provide the current address list of these organizations. 

But don’t forget, each service supplier may require different documents. So, before selecting any free Government iPhone 8 Plus provider, you must read provider guidelines. 

Application Procedure 

Iphone 8 Plus Application Form

Once you fulfill the eligibility criteria, you can move toward the application process. Several programs offer free Government iPhone 8 Plus, including Feelsafe Wireless, Q Link Wireless, TruConnect, StandUp Wireless and Access Wireless. Below is the best Government phone service providers list for the free iPhone 8 Plus. 

 Collect Documents 

First, gather necessary documents that might be Income proof and eligibility documents. A few service suppliers ask for employees’ tax return proof, driver’s license copy, and Government Assistance program participation proof. 

Find Service Providers

Now, find a legitimate service supplier that offers a free iPhone 8 Plus for this. You may find service providers from different platforms like Linkedin. 

Fill Out the Application Form

After choosing the right free Government iPhone 8 Provider, visit the service supplier page and download the iPhone 8 Plus application. Now, complete the iPhone 8 Plus paperwork in the right way. For this, read the application guidelines, and you may ask service providers for help. 

Wait For Approval

Once you complete a free iPhone application, press the submit button. Now, free iPhone providers teams will review your paperwork. You can determine your eligibility criteria whether you qualify for Safelink wireless EBB tablet.

Be Patient

The Free iPhone application approval process may take some time, so be patient and wait for the final call from the support team. If you fulfill the iPhone program criteria, they will contact you via mail.

Top Providers of Free Government iPhone 8 Plus

Numerous programs provide free iPhones to qualifying people. But here, I’ll analyze the top four reliable programs.

Affordable Connectivity Program 

A well-known Program, Affordable Connectivity, has replaced the EBB (Emergency Broadband Benefits) program. ACP provides discounts and free services, including phone and Internet. To get ACP benefits, the candidate’s income must be below the Federal Poverty threshold and have enrollment proof of the Government programs. 


Besides these, ACP offers a $100 discount for eligible people to buy their desired tablets, laptops, and computers. But remember, eligible people may use this $100 discount for one time. To obtain this offer, service providers judge eligibility on the basis of participation in Government programs. 

The exclusive aim of the FCC benefit program, ACP, is to make broadband services available for needy people. The eligible people may use these benefits for work and healthcare. Further, ACP also gives a discount of $75 for tribal areas eligible people. Additionally, eligible people will receive a $30 discount for data services. 

National Lifeline Association 

A non-profit organization, National Lifeline, teams up with numerous network providers to provide free phone services across the US. National Lifeline offers financial help to qualifying people. They ensure each low-income and undeserved person can access communication resources. 

The sole purpose of NALA is to make available free phones to those people who can’t buy them due to financial doldrums. To bridge the digital gap, it collaborates with several service providers. 

With financial aid, National Lifeline Assistance plays a vital role in helping disadvantaged people search for fresh job opportunities and stay connected with community members and family friends. By providing these services, the National Lifeline Assistance program ensures each has a ticket to the digital party. 

Connect America Fund

Connect America Fund provides subsidized funds to various telecommunication companies working in rural areas. The primary purpose of these funds is to help deprived people who can’t access the latest resources of communication. 

CAF has its qualification benchmark to provide a free Government iPhone 8 plus. It offers free phones to those people whose income is below the threshold of Federal Poverty. However, knowing the importance of Broadband, the Federal Communication Commission has made some extensive reforms in the USF and ICC system. 

These reforms aim to provide broadband services to 23 million people in the US who are stuck in the slow lane by converting USF into the CAF, which aims to provide fast internet service to customers in underserved areas. 

Lifeline Program

The Federal Government initiative, Lifeline programs, launched in 1985. Basically, Lifeline is Governed by the FCC (Federal Communication Commission) to provide discounted and free services, including phone and Internet services. As a part of USF, it ensures each American has the necessary resources to connect and get healthcare services. 

Lifeline provides data and phone services to low-earning people who can’t afford them. To learn about the qualification and application procedure of Lifeline, you may visit its official page: They aim for each citizen to get an equal chance to participate in the Country’s economic growth. 

In 2016, Lifeline management made some reforms to Internet services. The management made some productive reforms to judge how good service should be provided to deserving people. Moreover, their support also determines the availability of these services to eligible people. 

Now, Lifeline programs are active in each territory, state, and tribal area where people need Internet or other phone services. The USAC authorities manage this program to collect data and other information required for the program. 

Timeline To Obtain An iPhone 8 Plus

Usually, the procedure of receiving a free iPhone 8 Plus might take 5 to 6 business days. But, in some instances, this procedure may take more time. If you do not receive a free Government iPhone 8 Plus after 5 working days, then contact your service provider and ask for assistance. 

Pros And Cons of Receiving iPhone 8 Plus


  • The Government provides free iPhones, so low-earning people may receive their favorite device without paying a single dime.
  • The iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus has top-notch features like Camera and storage options. 
  • Low-income earners may enjoy benefits through the Government helping program. 


  • Many service providers impose strict requirements, and due to this reason, numerous people may not get their favorite phone.
  • These service providers give limited options to choose a free iPhone. 
  • A few service providers do not allow users to use more apps. 

Top-Notch Features of Free iPhone 8 & 8 Plus

Below are the top-notch features of the free Government iPhone 8 & 8 Plus.

Description iPhone 8 PlusiPhone 8
Display 5.5-Inches Retina IPS LCD Display4.7-Inches Retina IPS LCD Display
Water ResistanceIP68: This means it can resist for 30 minutesIP67: This means can resist water
AudioHas stereo speakers for audioHas stereo speakers for audio
Resolution1920 x 1080 Pixels1334 x 750 Pixels
ProcessorApple A11 BionicApple A11 Bionic
Storage64GB, 128GB, 256GB64GB, 128GB, 256GB
CameraDua 12MP front camera and Single 7MP back cameraSingle 12MP front camera and Single 7MP back camera
BatteryNon-removable, Li-Ion 2691 mAhNon-removable, Li-Ion 1821 mAh

Comparison of Free iPhone 8 Plus with Other Phones

Consider the below aspects while comparing the free Government iPhone 8 Plus with other available smartphones. 

Description iPhone 7iPhone 8 PlusMaxwest Astro 6Samsung Galaxy S9
Display 4.7-Inches Retinal IPS LCD5.5-Inches Retina IPS LCD Display6-Inches IPS LCD Display5.8-Inches Super AMOLED Display
CameraSingle 12MP front camera and Single 7MP back cameraDua 12MP front camera and Single 7MP back cameraSingle 8MP front camera and Single 2MP back cameraSingle 12MP front camera and Dual 8MP, 2MP back camera
BatteryNon-removable, Li-Ion 1960 mAhNon-removable, Li-Ion 2691 mAhNon-removable, Li-Ion 3000 mAh Non-removable, Li-Ion 3000 mAh 
Resolution1334 x 750 Pixels1920 x 1080 Pixels960 x 540 Pixels2960 x 1440 Pixels
ProcessorApple A10 FusionApple A11 BionicMediatek MT6582MExynos 9810
Storage32GB, 128GB, 256GB64GB, 128GB, 256GB8GB64GB, 128GB, 256GB

Free Government iPhone 8 Plus Advantages And Disadvantages

Below are the benefits and drawbacks of getting a free Government iPhone 8 Plus.


  • High-Quality Apple Features: The iPhone 8 Plus is not the latest model, but it has several stunning features like a top-notch Camera and the ability to record videos up to 4k quality. 
  • Support 5G Network: Free Government iPhone 8 Plus has access to 5G network. Moreover, the 5G network allows users to download and watch high-quality videos. 
  • Easy To Manage: These free iPhones are easy to handle. Further, if you face any issues, the Apple support team will assist you.
  • Strong Security: Apple gives several options to protect your device from any misuse; you can turn on Touch ID as well as Face ID for authentication. 


  • Challenging Application Procedure: The free iPhone 8 plus application procedure is full of challenges. First, a candidate has to collect the necessary documents, then complete paperwork and the final step is to receive a free phone. 
  • Older Model: The free iPhone 8 is not the advanced model. Due to this reason, it does not support many advanced features like other smartphones. 
  • Limited Choice: These programs offer limited models of free iPhones like the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. So, many users will not get their desired phone. 
  • Hidden Expenses: Sometimes, a free iPhone may face any issue; in this situation, you pay an amount on behalf of yourself. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, service providers impose restrictions as you can’t sell free devices or you can’t use selected apps. If you want to sell your free devices, contact the service provider and get permission. 

Those people whose income rate is below the certain limit of the federal poverty guidelines and who can’t afford expensive devices would be eligible for free iPhone 8 Plus. 

Usually, service providers allow only one device for household members. If you’re interested in getting more than one phone, then contact your service supplier then contact your service supplier. 

Yes, the Affordable Connectivity program offers a $75 discount for candidates of tribal land, while other candidates will get a $30 discount for data services. 

To acquire a free iPhone 8 plus, candidates must be above 18 or above 65. 

Final Thoughts

Having a smartphone like the free Government iPhone 8 Plus gives access to the latest information. The Government provides these phones to those who can’t afford them. But keep in mind, before choosing any model, read its pros and cons so that you select the best device that meets your requirements.

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