Free Government iPhone 13 Pro Max – Eligibility & Application Process

Are you anxious about your antique smartphone and can’t afford a brand-new one? Are you interested in the elegant and trendy free Government iPhone 13 Pro Max? If this is the reason, then congratulations! 

Now, you can acquire your favorite free phone 13 & free Government iPhone 14 through various programs aiming to help low-earning households and people. 

As a beneficiary of these Government initiatives, I can certify their honesty and legitimacy. In this piece of writing, I’ll shed light on the leading iPhone providers. Further, I’ll suggest exploring these programs to secure your desired device. 

Let’s take a look at the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s history. In 1976, a diligent and passionate man, Steve Jobs, developed a company and named it Apple, lnc. Due to their igneous and creative mindset, he has produced astonishing iPhones.

Now, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is one of the most in-demand iPhone models that Apple has made. The free iPhone 13 Pro Max has many amazing features, like elegant style. 

How To Get Free Government iPhone 13 Pro Max 

Before jumping on the free iPhone bandwagon, verify which service provider offers your required device. After checking the availability of your favorite phone model, contact the service provider. You can approach your service provider in different ways, like visiting the office or official page.

How To Get Free Government iPhone 13

After that, download a free Government iPhone 13 application, fill it with recommended guidelines, and submit. At present, we’ll explore eligibility, required documents, and application procedure. 

Eligibility Requirements

To secure a free iPhone 13 pro max, You must fulfill the service provider criteria:

Income Based Eligibility 

Income Base eligibility
  • As per instructions of the Federal Poverty, applicants’ income must be below 135%, which is $ 12,760. 
  • For those individuals or households who want to get a free Government iPhone 13 Pro Max through the ACP Program, the income benchmark is %200. 

Program Participation Eligibility 

Applicants must be part of the Government initiatives as:

Program participation
  •  Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservation.
  • SSI
  • Veterans Pension and Survivor Benefits.
  • Medicaid.
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance.
  • SNAP
  • Food Stamps. 
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance.

Eligibility on the Basis of Age 

Age Limit
  • As a senior member of the state whose age is above 65, they would easily qualify for this initiative. 
  • While for candidates, this is 18 years. 

Recall these eligibility requirements for free iPhone 13 mini may vary with service provider and state. Ahead of choosing any program or service provider, you must read the eligibility guidelines. 

Needed Documents For Free iPhone 13

Once you fulfill eligibility requirements, then provide the below documents to acquire the free iPhone 13 pro max:

  • Income Proof: To verify eligibility for a free phone, provide the employee’s statement, lease agreement, utility bill, and address.
  • Identity Proof: For identity verification, provide a National identity card, passport, birth certificate, Tribal ID, Driver’s license, and Green card.
  • List of Organization’s Current Address: If you choose a non-profit organization, then you must provide a list of different organizations’ current addresses list through which you have received benefits. 
  • Food Stamps Program Enrollment Proof: Provide a copy of paperwork that shows you are an active participant in the Food Stamps program. For this, visit Food Stamps’ nearby office and receive your letter. 

Each service provider or program may require different kinds of documents. So, contact the free Government iPhone 13 provider and ask for the requisite documents. 

Application Procedure For Free Government iPhone 13 Pro Max

Follow the below guidelines to submit your application for free iPhone 13 mini.

Online Application Procedure

Online Application Procedure
  • If you wish to secure a free phone through the ACP program, then visit the official page.
  • First, choose the state in which you’re residing.
  • Now click on “Started”. If you have a previous ACP account, then enter your details;while, you may also create a new ACP account.
  • After completing the above step, download the iPhone 13 application and fill it with accurate details. 
  • Also, attach recommended documents and click the submit box.
  • Now, wait for the iphone provider to reply whether you qualify.

Application Via Mail

  • If you want to submit an iPhone 13 application via mail, then visit the ACP page and download the paperwork. 
  • Now, put all the mentioned details in the application. 
  • Before sending the paperwork, double-check whether you have provided the right details. 
  • After verification, you may send this paperwork to the ACP address. 

              USAC.ACP Support Center P.O BOX 9100.

               Wilkes Barre, PA 18773.

Application Through Service Provider 

  • Find a Reliable Service Provider: Visit Google and other platforms to find a reliable service supplier.
  • Check Eligibility: After finding a service provider, visit their official page to check whether you’re eligible for the iPhone 13 offer.
  • Gather Documents: Collect program-provider-required documents to verify eligibility status.
  • Complete Application: Now fill out the free Government iphone 13 application, according to service provider guidelines. After competing, hand it to the program provider.
  • Wait For Service Provider Final Call: After the application process, program provider teams will check your paperwork, and often this process takes some time. So, don’t fret and wait for the program provider’s final call. 

Top 5 Programs Offering Free Government iPhone 13 Pro Max

A number of programs are offering free iPhone to qualifying people. But most of these free phones are provides through Lifeline therefore check whether they are still providing free iPhone 13.

The following are the leading 5 programs that offer free iPhone 13 pro max.

Affordable Connectivity Program

The Federal Government program, the Affordable Connectivity, was established through the Jobs Act 2021 and the Infrastructure Investment. It was mainly created to facilitate those people who can’t buy phone and data services due to financial barriers. 

 The ACP is like a lifeline for folks to stay connected with the community as well as with family members. This connection is like a key to opening the door of opportunities, education, and much more. 

Affordable Connectivity Program

Along with free Government phones, the ACP offers different discounts; the tribal lands residents may receive a $75 discount for Internet services, while other people will receive a $30 discount. Furthermore, low-earning people will get a $100 one-time discount for purchasing tablets, computers, and their desired laptops. 

To qualify for the ACP offer, household income, as per Federal Poverty instructions, must be below %200. In other cases, an applicant has participation proof in different Government initiatives such as SNAP, Food Stamps. Besides these documents, an applicant may provide a Green card or a National identity card for verification. 

For iPhone 13 applications, you may visit the ACP official page. You can also visit a nearby office of an ACP service provider. To confirm qualification, provide income proof, which may include pay stubs and employee statements. In this case, ACP providers ask for other documents to provide eligibility paperwork. 

Lifeline Assistance 

A federal Government program, Lifeline Assistance, is operated by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). It offers discounts on phone and data services to low-earning US citizens. The low-income people may get a $9.25 discount for Internet and cell phone services. 

Basically, the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) runs the Lifeline program to provide phone bills. The main intention of this initiative is to ensure each US citizen can access communication resources. 

Lifeline Assistance

Sometimes, Lifeline also offers inexpensive and free Government tablets to qualifying households. Moreover, underserved individuals may use Lifeline to pay for their landline, text messages and other phone services. 

To be eligible for Lifeline services, it has set benchmarks like your income must be below a certain limit or you must be an active member of the Government program. If you want to avail of Lifeline services, then visit the USAC official page. Further, you may also qualify for Best free Government cell phones.

Connect America Fund 

Another Federal Government program, the Connect America Fund, provides subsidized funds to different telephone companies working in disadvantageous areas. The sole aim of these funds is to improve the affordability of phone bills for needy households and individuals. They ensure each American can access reliable broadband services. 

Connect America

If your income is below the guidelines and you really deserve a CAF phone and other services, then visit to confirm your qualifications. If you don’t fulfil CAF requirements, worry not; several nonprofit and Government programs offer free Government iPhone 13 pro max and other phone services; you can explore them. Additionaly, you can view Government cell phone service providers list.

AirTalk Wireless

The Lifeline Assistance Program, AirTalk Wireless, offers Affordable Connectivity. Through this initiative, applicants might be awarded with AirTalk wireless free Government phones along with other phone services. It gives a golden chance to qualifying candidates to access free phones without spending a single dime. Further, you can explore the AirTalk Wireless free cell phones list to choose your favorite one. 

AirTalk Wireless

So, AirTalk wireless is a valuable option for disadvantaged people to acquire free cell phones with monthly bills. The bright side of that offer is that AirTalk provides these services without any strings attached. 

Usually, AirTalk Wireless works jointly with T-Mobile network carriers to provide phone activation fees and credit checks. The AirTalk Wireless aims to provide affordable services. Besides these, AirTalk sets eligible criteria to gain these free services. 

If you’re a deserving individual, then visit and check their offers for low-income households and individuals. 

Now, download the free Government iPhone 13 pro max application and put all the mentioned details forward. After that, their team will review your paperwork, and if you qualify, they will notify you. Most of AirTalk will provide a card that you may use for purchasing cell phones and monthly services. 

It offers a variety of free cell phones, including Nokia 2.4, Motorola Moto G Power and free iPhone 13 pro max. That’s not all; AirTalk also provides a free data plan with unlimited talk time. 

National Lifeline Association 

A non-profit organization, the National Lifeline Association, works to ease low-income people. They provide free Government cell phones to qualifying individuals. The NALA ensures each low-income individual has access to inexpensive and free phones. 

National Lifeline Association

A group of professionals related to telecommunication companies found it in 2001. The main mission of NALA is to safeguard the Lifeline initiative. Further, they provide their services to impoverished individuals without breaking the bank. 

NALA achieves its mission by performing various activities. Some of these are listed below:

  • Collaboration with Lawmakers: The NALA teams up with lawmakers at different levels, like state and federal. It ensures the Lifeline initiative gets enough financial support and its benefits are within arms of qualifying households. 
  • Spread Awareness About Lifeline Initiative: The NALA runs a campaign to spread awareness about Lifeline and its benefits. Further, their authorities also share information with stakeholders and lawmakers about the Lifeline initiative.
  • Works in the Form Community: The NALA works in the form of a community that may include distributors, lawmakers, and providers to exchange information. The sole purpose of this community is to enhance the affordability of the Lifeline program. 

If you’re interested in getting benefits from NALA, then visit their official page:

Cintex Wireless

A mobile network carrier, Cintex Wireless, offers wireless services across the US. Cintex Wireless collaborates with different phone carriers like Verizon and AT&T. It enables Cintex Wireless to provide affordable phone services to eligible people. 

Cintex Wireless

Cintex Wireless provides a variety of plans, including BYOP plan, Lifeline plan, and ACP combo plan. 

  • BYOP Plan: Through this plan, qualified candidates receive a $10 discount for text messages and unlimited talk time. 
  • Lifeline Plan: Through the Lifeline program, eligible individuals enjoy 15GB of data along with text messages and free talk time. 
  • ACP Combo Plan: Through the ACP combo plan, low-earning people get a %30 discount for wireless and phone services. 

Recall that these services and offers may alter with time and location, so check the Cintex wireless official page. If you wish to get iphone XR then you must check who provides free Government iPhone XR.

NewPhone Wireless

The federally funded initiative, NewPhone Wireless, provides free phone services to qualifying customers. It operates in almost 50 states, including Puerto Rico. To qualify for the NewPhone program, an individual must have enrollment proof in different programs like Medicaid and SNAP. 

NewPhone Wireless

NewPhone Wireless offers may include a free data plan with talk time. If you’re looking for something affordable, then NewPhone wireless might be the best option. 

SFone Wireless

SFone Wireless is another service provider that is known for its prepaid offers. These offers may include unlimited talk time with texts and data plans. To know about SFone Wireless, an individual may visit their meta page. 

SFone Wireless

Best Features of Free iPhone 13 & 13 Pro Max

Below are the amazing features of the free Government iPhone 13 & 13 Pro Max. 

FeatureiPhone 13iPhone 13 Pro Max
Display 6.1-Inches Super Retina XDR OLED6.7-Inches Super Retina XDR OLED
ProcessorApple A15 BionicApple A15 Bionic
Resolution2532 x 1170 Pixels2778 x 1284 Pixels
Weight174 g240 g
Connectivity 5G5G
Storage128GB, 256GB, 512GB128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB
CameraDual 12MP front Camera and Single 12MP back cameraTriple 12MP front Camera and Single 12MP back camera
BatteryNon-removable, Li-Ion 3240 mAhNon-removable, Li-Ion 4352 mAh
Face IDYes AvailableYes Available

Pros And Cons of Acquiring Free iPhone 13 & 13 Pro Max

The following are the positive and negative aspects of acquiring a free Government iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Pros and Cons of Getting Free iPhone 13

Comparison of Free iPhone 13 Pro Max with Other Phones

While comparing the free iphone 13 pro max with other available phones, an individual must think about the following aspects:

  • Significant Display: The free iPhone 13 pro max comes with an enormous 6.7-inch display, which allows its active users to watch videos and perform different activities.
  • Sleek Design: The free iPhone 13 pro max has a triple 12MP camera in a diagonal shape that allows users to take stunning pictures in easy mode. At the same time, these phones are made of stainless steel, which keeps them safe from scratches. 
  • Security System: Usually, the free Government iPhone 13 Pro Max has an iOS operating system that is known for its easy interface. At the same time, an individual may integrate it with other devices. 
  • High-Quality Performance: Typically, the iPhone 13 Pro Max has an Apple A15 Bionic process that provides high features to its users. An individual may record higher quality videos, while you may also play games on your iPhone. 
  • Regular Updates and Access To Apple Store: Apple releases the most recent updates for iPhone 13 pro max. Besides, it allows its users to access Apple stores so that they might use Apple applications according to their needs. 

Advantages And Disadvantages of Obtaining iPhone 13 Pro Max


  • Access To Apple Ecosystem: By obtaining a free iPhone 13 pro max, individuals get access to the Apple ecosystem, where they might use advanced applications. 
  • No Contact: Often, free iphones come with no contract. It means an individual may change service providers without any hindrance. 
  • Access To 5G Network: The Iphone 13 Pro Max gives access to a 5G network that is helpful to enhance connectivity and Internet speed. It means iPhone users may record videos and stream YouTube videos. Besides, an individual can download files and play games. You may also explore the best Free 5G Government phones.


  • Complex Application Procedure: Often, free phones have a complex application process. First, an individual finds a suitable service supplier and then applies for a device. So, the whole process is hectic for many new applicants. 
  • Over wait For Device: After submitting paperwork for a free iphone, the service provider confirms an applicant’s eligibility. Sometimes, the verification and approval procedure takes a few months. In this case, many iPhone applicants are disappointed. 
  • Extra Charges For Troubleshooting: If your free phone gets any fault, in this case, an individual contact the service supplier. At the time, service suppliers may ask for extra charges for troubleshooting an issue that is a financial barrier for low-earning individuals. 

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Apple is not providing any free iPhones. However, various Government and non-profit organizations offer these iphones to underserved people.

In most cases, the Government and collaborating organizations provide these phones free of cost. But, before getting an iPhone 13, an individual may read these guidelines carefully. 

Most service suppliers give only one device to household members. But, if you want a second device, then contact the service supplier and ask for a second iPhone 13. 

To avail of the free iPhone 13, an applicant must be above 18, while the limit for senior members of the state is 65 years. 

Yes, you may retain your old phone number while switching to a new iPhone 13 Pro Max. 

Final Thoughts

Obtaining a free Government iPhone 13 Pro Max without spending a single penny is like hitting the jackpot. It allows low-income and senior members to stay connected with the community. 

The qualification requirements, different services, and limited choice are important factors to consider while getting an iPhone 13. These guidelines about free Government iPhone 13 would be beneficial to recognize the advantages and disadvantages of these free phones. 

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