Free Government iPhone 12 – Top 5 Providers 

Have you ever imagined you could acquire a free Government iPhone 12? Or how practical would life be with a free iPhone 12? If not, don’t worry; this article will guide you on quickly acquiring a free Government iPhone 12 and which documents are required. 

The Iphone 12 is the most admired smartphone model across the globe. According to the most recent research, 30% of Americans use iPhone 12. Due to its high price, many people need help to buy it. But don’t fret, now the US Government provides free iPhone 12 & free Government iPhone 14 to those who cannot afford it. 

Basic Requirements For Free Government iPhone 12

If you wish to acquire a free iPhone 12, follow the below steps:

  • You or any family member must be enrolled in Government helping programs like the Supplemental Security Income and Nutrition Assistance program.
  • If you go solo, your whole year’s income must be below $12,760. In other words, according to federal poverty instructions, your income should be 135%.
  • If you belong to the senior community of the state, then you might be eligible and gain benefits from this initiative.

If you belong to any of the above categories, you must visit the iPhone 12 service provider in your neck of the woods and ask for your free device.

Top 5 Providers of Free Government iPhone 12

The following are the top five suppliers that deliver free iPhone 12.

1. National Lifeline Association 

A non-profit association, National Lifeline, helps low-income individuals across the US. National Lifeline aims to bridge the digital gap by providing financial aid to those families who cannot buy phone services. The National Lifeline ensures each has access to phone services.

National Lifeline Association

That’s not all; the National Lifeline also provides free Government iPhone 12 to those who cannot afford expensive gadgets. It’s like offering a helping hand to those who need it. 

2. Affordable Connectivity Program

Affordable Connectivity Program provides financial aid to low-income households. It has replaced the EBB (Emergency Broadband Benefits) program. The main objective of this program is to bridge the digital gap. 

The ACP helps low-income households and families with phone services and free ACP laptop. It ensures each has a fair shot to stay in touch with community friends and loved ones. The Affordable Connectivity also pays phone and Internet bills for low-income people. Thus, ACP is like a golden ticket to the digital world to explore new opportunities.

3. TruConnect

Another non-profit organization, TruConnect, is like a tech-savvy buddy who helps low-income households with gadgets like free Government iPhone 12. It also provides financial help to those who cannot afford phone and Internet service bills.

TruConnect Program

Besides these, TrueConnect offers Lifeline Assistance that helps low-income with phone and Internet services. They ensure every American can access the necessary gadgets to communicate and connect. 

4. The Connect America Fund

The Government program Connect America Fund provides subsidies to telecommunication companies to help those who live in rural areas. Connect America Funds aims to provide phone and Internet service to those who cannot access super-fast Internet data. It’s like giving a hand to those who live far away.

If you are a resident of a rural area and need any help regarding phone service, visit the Connect America Fund’s official web page and ask for help. Their support team will immediately provide help.

5. Lifeline Assistance Program

The Federal Communication Commission initiative, Lifeline Assistance, has served low-income people since 1985. It helps people all across the US and aims to bridge the digital gap by providing telephone services to those who cannot buy service plans or cell phones. 

And guess what? Lifeline Assistance also provides a $9.25 monthly discount to eligible candidates for wireless services. Moreover, this is also applicable to Internet services. It’s like crossing two bridges with one step. To acquire free phone service from Lifeline, visit the official page and complete the application procedure. Besides these, you might be eligible for Best free Government cell phones.

Several organizations also provide free Government iPhone 12, like Feelsafe Wireless, Qlink Wireless, and Access Wireless. You can contact these organizations if you belong to a low-income family and need help regarding phone services.

Best Features of Free iPhone 12

The following are the best features of the free iPhone 12

ProcessorApple A14 Bionic 
Storage64GB, 128GB, 256GB
Main Camera12MP, f/1.612MP, f/2.4
Selfie Camera12MP, f/2.2, 23mm
BatteryNon-removable Li-Ion 2615 mAh

Application Procedure For Free Government iPhone 12

Follow the below steps to apply for free iPhone 12:

Online Application Process for Free Government iPhone 12
  • Before applying, ensure whether you are eligible for free iPhone 12. For this, visit the National Verifier page and check your eligibility status. 
  • Next, search for a free iPhone 12 service provider; you can use Google for this. After selecting a service provider, visit their website and claim for a free Government iPhone 12.
  • Fill out the application with appropriate data, like the guardian’s name, and attach the required documents. Service providers can also ask for membership proof of free Government programs like SSI and SNAP.
  • The service provider will review your application after submitting a free iPhone 12 application form. They will provide you with a free device if you fit the bill.

Alternative Ways To Submit Application Form 

You can also submit your free iPhone 12 application in these ways. 

1. Via Mail

You can also submit your application via mail if you crave to get a free iPhone 12. Visit the ACP and Lifeline to download the application form. Attach the required documents with applications just like puzzle pieces fitting into place. 

Mail for Free Government iPhone 12

After completing the process, send your application to the Lifeline support centre. Their teams will determine your qualification status and send you a free device if you qualify. 

2. Through Lifeline or ACP 

If you’re looking for a direct application process, visit the Lifeline or ACP official page and ask for an application submission process. Their support members will guide you on how you can submit a free iPhone 12 application.

Through ACP

Qualification Criteria For Free iPhone 12

Following is the qualification benchmark to attain a free iPhone 12:

  • You must be above 18.
  • According to the federal poverty direction, the threshold for your whole year’s income is 135%.
  • You or any other family member must participate in Government assistance programs like Veterans Pension, Food Distribution, Supplemental Security Income, and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. 
  • At least one family member should receive a Pell Grant.

Required Documents For Free iPhone 12

To receive a free iPhone 12, you must provide the following documents:

Required Documents For Free Government iPhone 12
  • Tribal or state tax returns record.
  • Employee’s income statement.
  • Passport with photo ID and current address.
  • Paperwork showing you are still a member of a Government helping initiatives like Medicaid and Food stamps. 

Comparison Table of Free iPhone 12

The following is a comparison table of free iPhone 12 with others.

DeviceProcessBatteryStorageRAMMain CameraSelfie Camera
Iphone 12Apple A14 Bionic2815 mAh64GB+128GB+256GB4GBDual 12MP12MP
Iphone 11Apple A13 Bionic3110 mAh64GB+128GB+256GB4GBDual 12MP12MP
Iphone 7Apple A10 Fusion1960 mAh32GB+128GB+256GB2GB12MP7MP
Samsung Galaxy s9Exynos 98103000 mAh64GB+128GB+256GB4GB12MP8MP+2MP

Advantages And Disadvantages of Getting A Free iPhone 12

The following are the positive aspects and negatives of the free iPhone 12.


  • Performance – The iPhone 12 has an Apple A14 bionic chip that is like the conductor of an orchestra. It can perform multitasking like gaming, and the A14 chip increases its user’s responsiveness. 
  • Quality Camera – Free iPhone 12 has a dual 12MP camera, like having a professional photographer in your pocket. It can capture amazing photos and videos that leave your jaw on the floor. 
  • IOS Ecosystem – The iPhone 12 runs on the IOS Ecosystem. It has an intuitive user interface with regular updates. It’s like having a handmade outfit for your digital life.
  • 5G Connectivity – The most impressive innovation of the free iPhone 12 is its connection to 5G. The iPhone 12 & free gOvernment iPhone 13 provides super-fast data speed to download video tutorials. It’s like giving your online life a turbo boost.
  • Security And Privacy – The Apple iPhone 12 takes care of the security and privacy of its users like a guard dog protecting a treasure chest. It provides regular privacy updates and ensures your digital world is as safe as Fort Knox.


  • Limited Customization – IOS is like a fancy suit but does not have many options compared to Androids. If you like to design things as you want, IOS is limited.
  • Storage Upgrades – The free iPhone 12 has several storage options, like a menu of restaurants, but it does not provide more options for external storage. So, you should pick storage options wisely.
  • Repair Cost – If your free device, like the iPhone 12, faces any issues. The service provider will assist you, but you will pay expenses yourself. It’s like picking up the tab for a meal out – your wallet gets a dent.
  • Learning Curve – If you are an Android user and want to change to IOS, you may be on a learning curve. It’s like exploring uncharted territory.
  • Battery Life – A few iPhone 12 users report its battery is short-lived compared to other Smartphones. It’s like putting a Speedstar next to a marathoner. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

The US Government does not directly deliver free iPhone 12. However, the US Government subsidises telephone companies like Lifeline and Medicaid. These associations provide free devices to low-income qualified people.

You can upgrade your free iPhone 12. However, service providers impose restrictions on some apps you cannot upgrade. If you wish to acquire these apps, you have to pay extra charges. 

You can upgrade your free iPhone 12. However, service providers impose restrictions on some apps you cannot upgrade. If you wish to acquire these apps, you have to pay extra charges. 

After submitting the paperwork, the service provider will deliver your free device within 5 to 7 working days. If you don’t receive iPhone 12, contact your iPhone 12 service provider and ask for your device.

Yes, several service providers deliver free Government phones to eligible candidates. For this, you can consider Qlink Wireless and Access Wireless.


Getting an iPhone 12 without any cost is like holding a winning card. It provides low-income people with new avenues of possibilities. The US Government also collaborated with some non-profit organizations so that they can provide free devices to eligible candidates.

Before applying, candidates must ensure whether they are eligible for this offer or not. If they fit the ball, continue the procedure and submit free Government iPhone 12 paperwork. After the process, you will get your desired free iPhone 12 in one week. 

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