Free Government Cell Phones in Missouri [2024] – Top 6 Programs

Have you ever thought about free Government cell phones in Missouri? It seems unreal, but the Government is sponsoring some programs offering free Government phones in Missouri. 

The Government only backs such initiatives to enable disadvantaged people by giving billions of dollars of aid. So, the Government created several programs to provide free government cell phones in Missouri. These programs include Lifeline, Link Up, and Affordable Connectivity Program.

So, qualifying individuals will enjoy the perks of free smartphones and data with free minutes. Therefore, let’s discuss how underprivileged communities can benefit from free government cell phones in Missouri programs. You can also check Obama’s free phones for low-earners. 

Who Provides Free Government Cell Phones in Missouri?

Nowadays, several programs give free cell phones to Missouri residents. However, Link Up, Lifeline, and ACP are considered top service suppliers For Missouri. 

Free Cell Phone Providers

Missouri Lifeline Program

The Federal Communication Commission always starts wonderful projects for low-income people. The Lifeline is another popular project by the FCC created in 1985. 

Mainly, USAC handles the Lifeline program in Missouri and provides free resources to needy people. These free resources are of different types, like discounts on monthly bills, free data, or free cell phones. 

The discount amount for free services may vary with the applicant’s annual income. However, this discount could be $10 or $20. Another thing that a qualifying individual must remember is that these discounts are valid for Missouri, and free devices will be awarded to one household member. Missouri residents may also check the Boost Mobile phone offer. 

Missouri Link-Up Program

Link Up is another assistance program for Missouri people that operates similarly to the Lifeline Program. This initiative is developed for senior citizens and disabled persons. 

It provides a small discount on monthly bills. If you’re disabled or a senior member, then you must check Link’s free services for Missouri residents. 

Missouri ACP Program 

Affordable Connectivity is another trending program in Missouri. It brings a variety of free services for locals. They can also secure a free Government cell phone in Missouri through ACP. 

The following are Affordable Connectivity benefits for Missouri inhabitants:

  • Free cell phone.
  • Free talk time and texts.
  • Unlimited data for the Internet

You can still apply for the ACP benefit program if you’ve received Lifeline benefits. The offering of these service suppliers may vary with time and region. If you’re to acquire a free iphone, then you must get a Government iPhone 14. 

Additional Free Service Providers in Missouri 

Other than Lifeline, Link Up, and ACP, there are several programs that give discounted offers for Missouri residents. A few of them are. 

1. Missouri Public Service Commission

The PSC (Public Service Commission) operates through Lifeline and ACP. Its offerings might be different, like landline and wireless phone services.  

The amount of wireless and Landline phones through Lifeline may vary. The minimum is $9.25, and the maximum is $24 for eligible people. 

The ACP also offers Missouri residents a $30 discount on phone services. Those applicants who receive benefits through disabled programs or Lifeline will qualify for these offers. 

However, FFC confirms these ACP benefits will last until April 2024. After April, if Congress approves funds, then eligible people, ACP will continue this free discount package for Missouri locals. 

2. Assistance Wireless Program

The Assistance Wireless program is like a true friend that helps low-income people in hard times. It presents amazing offers for Missouri locals. Following are Assistance Wireless free services for Missouri.

Lifeline Package

  • 100MB free Internet data.
  • 1000 free minutes.
  • 500 free texts.

ACP Package

  • 5.5GB free data for the Internet.
  • Unlimited talk time.
  • Unlimited texts.

Combined Package

  • 10GB free Internet data.
  • Unlimited talk time.
  • Unlimited texts.

For Assistance Wireless offers details, contact (855) 392-7747. You may also check the free iPhone 13

3. Safenet Wireless Program 

SafetyNet Wireless is also another free cell phone service supplier for Missouri. Its offerings may include a free Government cell phone in Missouri and free tablets

For qualification, an applicant’s annual income must be below 135% and have participated in helping programs. At the same time, the SafetyNet Wireless registration process is as simple as pie. After all, if you’ve any queries regarding the Safetynet Wireless’s offer, contact 1-888-224-3213. 

4. Tag Mobile 

Like other service suppliers, Tag Mobile also gives free services to Missouri locals. The Missouri-qualified individual will get the following benefits:

  • Free texts.
  • Free minutes for calls.
  • 8.5GB free Internet data. 
  • Call waiting.
  • Voice mail.
  • Caller ID.

5. EnTouch Wireless 

The Missouri residents may also apply for EnTouch programs that give free cell phone services to authentic people. For ease of low-income people, there is no applicant fee for the EnTouch Wireless program. The following is our EnTouch Wireless perks list for Missouri people:

  • Unlimited talk time and texts.
  • 10GB free data. 

6. Access Wireless 

Another top-line service supplier, Access Wireless, gives free cell phone services via Lifeline and ACP. Below are Lifeline and ACP combo plans for Missouri locals. 

Lifeline Plan

  • 4.5GB free data.
  • 500 Free Minutes
  • Unlimited texts.

Combo Plan

  • Unlimited data for the Internet.
  • Unlimited texts.
  • Unlimited talk time.

Application Procedure For Free Phone Missouri

The free Government cell phones in Missouri are simple. Just follow the free Government phone supplier instructions and go ahead:

Free Phones Missouri Application Process
  • First, collect your papers for application. These papers might be the Date of birth, Income tax returns, and Driver’s license. 
  • Now, contact your service supplier and request a free Missouri phone application. 
  • Input necessary details such as name, address, DOB, and contact details, and choose your favorable plan.
  •  Once you finish the Missouri phone application, double-check to avoid mistakes.
  • Submit this free phone form, wait to keep calm, and wait for the service provider’s final call. 
  • Once your Missouri phone application gets approved, you’ll receive a free phone in a few days. 

Did you know about qualification for free iPhone 11? To know how to qualify for free phone check out free Government iPhone 11 application process.

Required Papers For Application

Individuals collect their required documents before jumping onto the bandwagon of free Government cells in Missouri. The following are a few papers that could be important for application. 

  • The Government issued ID Cards.
  • Driver’s Licence.
  • Pay Stubs.
  • Papers that have proof applicants have participated in Government back programs like SNAP.

Final Thoughts

In Missouri, a lot of low-income individuals need digital resources. But the financial constraints are the main issues for such people. Therefore, they can’t avail of these resources. Therefore, the Missouri Government releases funds for programs that work for disadvantaged people.

To make this goal achievable, these programs give free Government cell phones in Missouri. Getting these cell phones is easy, like a piece of cake. 

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