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In today’s technological era, people love to connect. However, many folks have no such advanced tools to connect with loved ones. 

By recognising the value of communication, the Obama Government backed such a program that provides free cell phones to people with modest incomes. To grab this superb opportunity, folks want to know Obama phone locations. 

Finding the exact location of Obama-free phones is not easy. As per the report, free Obama phones are accessible at different locations. You may also explore free iPhone 14 programs. 

Obama Phone Locations 

StateCityCompanyAddressPhone Zip Code
Las VegasLas VegasPhones Are Us LV4760 S Pecos Rd #103-81(702) 613-6925NV 89121
ColoradoDenverColorado PUC1560 Broadway, Suite 250(303) 894-2000CO 80202
CaliforniaLos AngelesLife Wireless9600 S. Avalon Blvd323-777-9700CA 90003
CaliforniaWest CovinaLife Wireless19070 La Puente Rd626-965-8563CA 91792
CaliforniaSouth GateTruConnect2633 Santa Ana Street1 (800) 430-0443CA 90280
MichiganJonesvilleLife WirelessJonesville Quick Stop, 475 E Chicago St(406) 640-8163MI 49250
Washington DCSeattleLife Wireless111 Monterey Street206-999-9999WA 98104
OhioColumbusLife Wireless2480 N. High St614-268-6298OH 43202
OhioWhitehallLife Wireless873 S. Hamilton Rd614-235-2727OH 43213
IndianaIndianapolisLife Wireless1505 Craft St.317-454-2901IN 46260
TexasTexas CityLife Wireless1025 N. 5TH Avenue409-945-0060TX 77590
ArizonaGlen LavernLife Wireless7137 S 68TH St602-686-3662AZ 85339
GeorgiaSmyrnaLife Wireless2535 Cobb PKWY770-303-0053GA 30080

Obama Phone Providers List 

In almost 50 States Obama, free phones are being offered by authorities. For this provider, different service suppliers provide free Obama phones, some of them are:

Obama Phone ProvidersPhone Number 
Assurance Wireless1 (888) 321-5880
Access Wireless 1-866-594-3644
Lifeline Support (800) 234-9473
Copper Valley Telecom1-800-235-5414
SafetyNet Wireless1-888-224-3213
Life Wireless (406) 640-8163
Standup Wireless 1-800-544-4441
TruConnect 1-(800) 430-0443
Q Link Wireless1-(855) 754-6543
Infiniti Mobile 888-801-0012
EnTouch Wireless866-488-8719 
Tag Mobile 1-(866) 959-4918
Terracom Wireless 1-888-716-8880

In the above table, there are Obama phone providers. Now, you can effortlessly track down Obama phone locations. Alternatively, you discover free Government phone stands

How Can I Find a Free Obama Phone Near Me

The Obama Free Phone initiative is also known as the Lifeline Assistance program. The Obama program was started to encourage poverty-stricken individuals by giving cell phones and monthly offers. You could also secure a free iPhone 11

Obama Free Phones

According to findings, almost 20 million virtuous individuals have enjoyed the benefits of Obama’s free phone program. Such folks who need Obama phones may stick to the prescribed steps to finding a free phone:

  • Foremost, find Obama’s free phone program (Lifeline Assistance) web page. 
  • Once you find a supplier, now check the near-me phone option from the header section of the Homepage. 
  • Enter your residency area Zip Code and search which service operator in your region. 
  • Check the complete list and pick one free Obama provider. 
  • Once you decide on a service supplier, contact them and get the necessary requirements for free phones. 
  • In a different vein, contact the Lifeline support team and get information about a legitimate service supplier in your selected area. 

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Who can Qualify For the Obama Free Phone Program?

Like Boost Mobile, the qualification for free Obama phones is measured on the basis of program and wage basis. So, users have more than one chance to qualify for free Obama phones. 

Obama Phone Qualification

In the below section, free Obama phone acceptance criteria are given.

Program Dependent Criteria

  • Medicaid: State-funded initiative, Medicaid, provides health-related free services to senior citizens and income-deprived individuals. Each state runs separate Medicaid programs. However, the Federal Government backs them. 
  • Tribal Head Start: It is specially designed for those people who live in tribal areas and need help. This program offers the following free-of-cost services to tribal locals:
  1. Family Support Services.
  2. Health Services. 
  3. Mental Services.
  4. Nutrition Services. 
  • Supplemental Security Income: The SSI (Supplemental Security Income) program was structured to assist Less affluent individuals. Mainly, SSI works for disabled children and low-wage earners. 
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program: The SNAP ( known as old Food Stamps program) provides monetary aid to needy people. 

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Income Related Approval

As earlier said, there are several ways to qualify for the Obama free phones program. The first one is participating in a government-backed program, and the second is income-based qualification. Below are the Federal Poverty criteria for free phone qualification. 

Household MembersIncome Limit 
1$17, 226
2$23, 274
3$29, 322
4$35, 370
5$41, 418
6$47, 466
7$53, 514
8$59, 512
For any additional member$6, 048

Which Services Are Offered At Obama Phone Stands?

The Obama free phone customer team offers the following provisions to qualified aspirants:

  • First, the customer team explains available plans for adequate individuals.
  • They assist users in choosing a legitimate phone provider.
  • Provide information regarding the enrollment procedure and needed documents.
  • In case a user faces an issue regarding Obama-free phones, their support team will cooperate until their free phone gets a solution. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you need a free phone and want to check Obama phone locations, then contact the Lifeline support team or contact 1-800-234-9473. 

First, find a suitable service supplier that offers free Obama phones in your living region. After that, visit their office and ask for a free Obama phone application, input related details, and submit for approval. 

It depends on Obama phone providers whether they provide the opportunity to their users to upgrade their phones or not. 

Final Thoughts

In this section, I’ve cleared all aspects of Obama phone locations. If you fulfill Lifeline or Obama phone criteria for a free cell phone, find a lawful supplier in your dwelling place. 

Once the supplier is located, complete Obama-free phone papers with quoted details and hand them over to the Obama program team for approval. 

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