Free Government Landline Phone Service – Top Providers in 2023

Are you exhausted from paying cell phone bills? If yes, don’t fret; now you can get free Government landline phone service through various programs. To avail of free landline phone service, you have to meet the specific criteria of these organizations. 

We know who operates landline phones nowadays, but believe me, acquiring a free Government landline phone service is like a ray of sunshine for many families. This article will deliver all requisite information about free landline service and which documents are required to avail of this offer. 

Overview of Free Government Landline Phone Service Offer

The United States Government helps low-income families in various ways. Sometimes, the Government subsidizes organizations that provide required services to deserving people.  

One of them is the free Government landline phone service. The United States Government provides this offer to those candidates who need help to bear the expenses of these services. It’s like getting two things for the price of one.

How To Acquire A Free Government Landline Phone Service?

If you want to get free Government landline phone service, you must fulfill the criteria below:

Free Government Landline Phone Service
  • You must partake in Government helping programs, like Supplemental Nutrition Assistance programs, Food stamps, Supplemental Security Income, and Free lunch programs. 
  • According to the federal poverty instructions, your income must be below 135%. 
  • As a state’s senior citizen, you would automatically qualify for free landline phone service to benefit from this program.

If you fulfill these requirements, throw your hat in the ring of a free Government landline phone service. You will get this service for your free Government iPhone 14 and other smartphones.

Top 8 Providers of Free Landline Phone Service 

Following are the organizations that provide free landline phone service.

1. Link-Up America 

The Universal Service Fund component, the Link-Up America, helps low-income people install telephone service. It’s like a buddy who backs you in hard times.

Link Up America

Moreover, Link-Up America helps deserving people by initiating free landline service. These services include connection and instrument installations. To acquire more information about landline service, you can visit 

2. America Assistance 

It is the Lifeline helping program championed by the American Broadband. The Government supports America Assistance to provide free cell phones with free minutes and text messages. It’s like hitting a pair of birds with one shot. 

3. Life Wireless 

This program helps low-income individuals with cell phone services through the Lifeline helping program. It is regarded as one of finest free landline phone service suppliers. In other words, Lifeline Wireless is a real game changer, hitting bullseye by providing free landline service to those who need it. 

4. Contex Wireless

Cintex Wireless, a telecommunication company, participates in the Lifeline Assistance program to help low-income people. It provides free cell phones to those who cannot afford these gadgets. 

Moreover, Context Wireless also provides free talk time with super-fast Internet data. It ensures all citizens have enough resources to communicate with their dearest friends. Contex Wireless offers free home phones with talk time and free minutes;

5. Safelink Wireless 

The Government-supported Safelink Wireless program helps low-income folks with cell phone services. Safelink Wireless not only provides free cell phones but also gives free Internet data and talk time. It’s like completing two tasks in one go. 

Before applying for the Safelink Wireless offer, you must participate in Government helping programs like Food stamps. Further, Safelink also provides free services to those candidates who fulfill their specific criteria. 

6. Assurance Wireless 

Among the Government helping programs, Assurance Wireless stands tall. It collaborates with T-Mobile and Lifeline to provide free cell phone services with 250 minutes and super-fast Internet data. Hence, getting home phone services with monthly data is like securing a two-way victory. 

Before availing of the Assurance Wireless offer, ensure you are an active member of the Government helping programs like Food stamps and Medicaid. For more information about free home phone service, you can visit the official page of Assurance Wireless. 

7. Access Wireless

Another telecommunication company, Access Wireless, provides eligible candidates with free cell phone services. Access Wireless provides these services via the federal Lifeline helping program. Moreover, Access Wireless also provides free talk time and Internet data. 

8. EnTouch 

It is another United States initiative that helps low-income people by providing free home services. The main purpose of EnTouch is to ensure each US citizen has possible resources to communicate in this technological era. 

Additional Offers of Service Provider Organizations

Service ProvidersOffers
Link-Up AmericaSubsidized cell phones with free home services.
America AssistanceAffordable cell phones with special offers for veterans.
Life WirelessFree cell phones with monthly data.
Cintex WirelessInexpensive cell phones and discounted offers for students.
Safelink WirelessCell Phone with discounted or free data plans
Assurance WirelessFree Government phones for families with low-incomes.
Access WirelessFree cell phones with discounted data plans.
EnTouch Discounted phones for low-income.

What If I Not Qualify For These Programs?

If you do not qualify for the above programs, don’t worry; you can still acquire free landline services through the following service providers.

1. Basic Talk

Basic Talk

It is a VoIP-based free phone service provider that offers different phone services to eligible candidates. Additionally, Basic Talk also provides free talk time without any fee. 

2. Ooma 


Ooma is a real game-changer for the low-income. It provides free home services to deserving people. For this, users are accountable for fees, but still, this offer is like a drop in the bucket compared to other landline phone services. 

3. Magicjack 


It is another VoIP-based home phone service provider. To avail of Magicjack phone service, you must purchase a Magicjack gadget. Magicjack provides free call offers for Canada and the United States. 

4. NetTalk


NetTalk provides landline phone services. To avail of the offer, you must buy a NetTalk device. It also provides free calling for Canada and the United States. 

Qualification Criteria For Free Landline Phone Service 

If you wish to acquire free Government Landline phone service, you have to meet the below criteria.

1. Income Based Eligibility 

If your income is according to the instructions of the Government, you will be eligible for this offer. But remember, you have to provide your previous three years of tax returns showing you are the right candidate for free landline phone service. 

Moreover, the Income threshold is like a moving target that depends on family size. Once you hit the right note, you will get free landline service.  

2. Eligibility According To Membership in Government Programs

If you or any family member has partaken in the following Government programs will be  eligible for free landline phone service:

  • Supplemental Security Income – A Government Assistance program that helps disabled children. Moreover, it also provides other services like free landline phone service. 
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance – It is also a Government program that provides its services regarding houses. You will get free landline service if you are a Federal Public Housing Assistance program member. 
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – You will receive a free landline service if you partake in the SNAP’s Program. Further, You can also visit SNAP’s official web page for more information about the free landline program. 
  • Medicaid – This state-based Government program helps women, children, disabled persons, and the state’s seniors regarding health insurance and health care. Additionally, Medicaid also provides free landline services. 

How Can I Apply For Free Landline Service? 

Follow the below steps to acquire your free Government landline phone service:

  • First, select your service provider for free landline service.
  • Approach your service and ask for a landline service application form. 
  • Fill out a landline service application and provide your name, address, Identity card number, and taxpayer identification number.

After finishing a free landline phone service application, you must check whether you have given appropriate information. 

Who Can Get Free Landline Phone Service

If you fall in the below categories, you will be a qualified candidate for free Government landline phone service.

1. Low-Income Individuals 

Low-Income Individuals

Those individuals whose income is below 135% would be eligible for free landline phone service for low-income. For more details about free landline service, visit the official page of any service provider. 

2. Senior Member of State

Senior Members of State

To avail of free landline phone service for seniors, visit the service provider’s office. You can also search for a free landline supplier in your vicinity. If you meet their requirement, you will get free landline phone service. 

3. Disabled Persons 

Disabled Persons

The US Government helps disabled persons through various programs, like Lifeline. If any family member fulfills their criteria, they will get free landline phone service for disabled persons. 

Advantages And Disadvantages of Free Landline Phone Service 

Following are the positive aspects and negatives of free landline service. 


  • Cost Savings – Free Government landline phone service is like a beam of light for low-income individuals. The Government offers free landline telephone service with monthly packages. 
  • Accessibility – The Government provides free landline services to low-income individuals, disabled persons and senior state members. They ensure each has a fair chance to progress in this digital world. 
  • Reliability During Emergencies – Landlines are more reliable than other smartphones. These landlines do not depend upon batteries like other mobiles. 
  • Minimal Setup – Setting free landline phone service is easy because only plug in a phone, and your device will be ready. Therefore, these devices require minimal setup compared to smartphones. 


  • Limited Mobility – Free landline phones are just like tree roots. If you travel, these landline phones are not your cup of tea because you need help carrying them. 
  • Availability – Sometimes, free Government landline phone services are not active in rural areas. Due to this reason, many deserving candidates cannot get free landline services.
  • Outdated Technology – Landline service needs updated technology because it needs advanced features, including text messages and super-fast Internet data. 
  • Maintenance and Repair – Landline phone service requires physical support. These landlines will require more time than other smartphones if they face any issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

To get free landline service, you must meet service provider requirements. It includes your income must be below 135%. Moreover, you will be eligible for this offer if you are a member of the Government helping program. 

If you want landline phone service, visit the service provider’s official web page to check your qualification status. If you fit the bill, proceed with your landline phone application form. 

Ooma is considered one of the most affordable landline phone services. It provides unlimited minutes for $11.99. Moreover, if you buy more packages, you will get a discount on landline phone service. 

The US Government does not deliver free landline service. For this purpose, they team up with some organizations. The Government provides subsidies so that they can help deserving people. 

Yes, senior citizens of the state may get free landline service. To avail of this service, they must visit the official page of the service provider and complete a free landline application form. 

Final Thoughts

The US Government collaborates with several organizations to provide free landline service. Before acquiring, visit the service provider’s official page and check the qualification status. Complete your free landline phone service paperwork If you meet their specific criteria.

But remember, before acquiring free landline service, you must research offers. Free landline service providers sometimes give free monthly minutes with fast Internet data.