Free Safelink Wireless EBB Tablet (2023)- How To Get?

Do you know about the Safelink Wireless EBB Tablet service program? If not, don’t worry. This article about Safelink EBB Tablet contains all the prerequisite information. If you want a Safelink Wireless Tablet, read all guidelines carefully.

In the present era, gadgets like tablets, smartphones, and laptops have become compulsory. Safelink is a US Government initiative that helps low-income individuals with free high-tech tools. It means Safelink provides a golden opportunity to those who cannot buy expensive gadgets. 

What exactly is the Safelink Tablet Program?

Safelink Tablet is a US Government helping program. It’s like a magic wand that delivers free and discounted tablets to low-income households. The primary goal of Safelink is to empower low-income individuals with advanced tools. 

Safelink Wireless EBB Tablet

Safelink EBB Tablet is like a buddy of ACP and Lifeline Assistance programs. The Federal Communication Commission established it. Lifeline, the initiative Safelink Wireless is part of, ensures every US citizen can get affordable resources to connect.

In other words, ACP and Lifeline are real game-changers for those who cannot purchase their desired devices like tablets. They provide financial aid to buy such gadgets so that they may succeed in their chosen fields. It means Lifeline and ACP give tickets to enjoy digital parties. 

How To Acquire Safelink EBB Tablet?

Follow the below guidelines to acquire a brand new Safelink EBB Tablet:

  • First, visit the official website of Safelink and National Verifier to check whether you are eligible for the Emergency BroadBand Program.
  • If you qualify, choose your desired model of Safelink EBB Program Tablet.
  • Fill out the Application form for EBB Tablet with your appropriate information, including birth certificate, address, name, and email. 
  • Input your state zip code and confirm your social security number and Driver’s License identity using Government ID. 
  • Input your apartment address, state, city, and street number.
  • Before submitting the Safelink EBB Tablet application, ensure you have given the exact correct details.
  • Click on the proceed button.

Now the Safelink EBB Tablet provider team will verify your documents. After verification, you will receive your desired tablet.

How Can I Obtain A Safelink EBB Tablet?

If you desire to obtain a Safelink Wireless EBB Tablet, you must fulfill the below requirements:

  • You must be a participant in ACP or the Affordable Connectivity program.
  • According to Federal poverty guidelines, your whole year’s income must be below 135%
  • You should be above 18. 
  • You have experienced a significant drop in earnings because of losing your job.

Besides all of these, you should remember the Affordable Connectivity program service provider gives a bonus Lifeline discount. To avail of this offer, you must satisfy ACP requirements. On the other hand, Lifeline provides free internet data and talk time without the shiny bonus of free tablets. 

Qualification Requirements For Safelink Wireless EBB Tablet

Qualification requirements for Safelink Tablets are given below:

Qualification For Safelink tablet
  1. If you’re going solo, the threshold for your whole year’s income is 135%. While if you’re applying as a part of the family, make sure your income should be less than $12 700.
  2. You must participate in Government helping programs like Lifeline, Medicaid, and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance programs.

You must participate in Government helping programs like Lifeline, Medicaid, and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance programs. Additionally, you may also get free medicaid tablet if you fulfills their requirements.

What Are Required Documents For Safelink EBB Tablet?

Required documents for EBB Tablets are listed below:

Required Documents For Safelink Tablets
  1. Income Verification – You must provide a copy of your employee’s paycheck stubs, tax returns, and letters.
  2. Participant of Government Assistance Program – Provide a copy of Medicaid, SNAP ID, and a note from the organization that runs the program. 
  3. A Photo ID Issued By The Government –  You must provide a copy of your ID card, Driver’s license, and passport.
  4. Address Confirmation – You have to provide a note from the organization that confirms your home address.
  5. Your Personal Identification Number – Provide your identification number that confirms your identity and shows you are the right candidate for Safelink EBB Tablet. 

Application Process of Safelink EBB Tablet

There are two ways to complete the application procedure of Safelink Tablets. These two ways are given below.

Application Process For Free Tablet

Through Online 

  • Visit the official website of Safelink Wireless and search “Safelink Tablets” There will be an application page. 
  • Next, fill out the Safelink application page with your name, home address, and birth certificate.
  • Attach other requisite documents which are required for a free Government Tablet.
  • Submit a Safelink tablet application and wait for the server provider’s final call. 

Via Customer Service 

If you are sailing in unfamiliar waters, don’t worry, you can select customer service for Safelink EBB Tablet. Dial 1-800-723-3546, and they will assist you in this matter. After that, they send you a Safelink Tablet application via fax or mail. Fill out the Safelink application page and send it to their address. 

Which Tablet Models Safelink Provides For Free?

Usually, the US Government jumps onto the bandwagon and brings tablet models that trend in the market. But hold your horses; it is not a free ride, and you will only get some reduction. Below is the list of tablet models that Safelink Wireless offers:

  • Google Pixel Slate.
  • Alcatel 3T 8.
  • Lenovo.
  • Fire HD 10.
  • Apple iPad Air.

Best Features of Safelink Wireless Tablets

Device ProcessorDisplayCameraStorageRAMBattery LifeWeight
Google Pixel SlateIntel Core i5/i7/m312.3 Inch Dual Camera64GB, 128GB, 256GB4GB, 8GB, 16GB12 hours731 g
Alcatel 3T 8Quad CoreIPS LCDMain 5MP, Selfie 2MP16G, 32GB1GB, 2GB, 3GB8 Hours279 g
Lenovo Tab 11P ProSnapdragon 730 gOLED, HDR 10Main 13M, Selfie 8MP128GB4GB, 6GB14 Hours485 g
Free HD 10Octa Core10.1 Inch 1080pDual Camera32GB, 64GB2GB, 3GB, 4GB12 Hours500 g
Apple iPad AirApple A14 Bionic10.9 Inch Liquid RetinaMain 5MP, Selfie 1.2MP16G, 28GB, 64G, 128GB1GB10 Hours469 g

What Are The Alternatives of Safelink Wireless EBB Tablet?

If Safelink Wireless is out of stock, don’t fret, you can still procure free Government tablets through ACP providers. For this, you should search for an ACP service provider in your neck of the woods; you can also consider the following service providers.

  • AireTalk Wireless.
  • Q Link Wireless.
  • NewPhone Wireless.
  • Easy Wireless.
  • Cintex Wireless.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Safelink Wireless EBB Tablet

The following are the positive aspects as well as negatives of Safelink tablets.


  • Affordable Internet Access – The best thing about Safelink Wireless is that it offers affordable Internet access to low-income households. It breaks down the money wall that stops them from being successful. 
  • Educational And Professional Opportunities – Safelink Wireless opens the door to opportunities for low-income. It means Safelink is like a passport that allows you to join an online course to learn new digital skills. 
  • Access to Information – Government Initiative, Safelink Wireless, gives you a chance to explore new skills by providing free tablets. It means Safelink allows you to dive into a sea of information. With these tablets, you can watch tutorials and the latest news. 
  • Potential For Enhanced Productivity – Safelink Wireless Tablets can be used for productive purposes, including learning skills, writing, and research. Free tablets are like wielding hidden gems that enable students to finish their tasks. 
  • Source of Entertainment – Safelink Tablets roll out the red carpet to allow individuals to play games, read e-books, and watch tutorials. It’s like having a magical gateway to a world of fun. 


  • Limited Features  Sometimes, Safelink Tablets come with limited specifications and features. It reduces their performance and user experience; in other words, low performance can put a hitch in their steps. 
  • Stochastic Device Quality – The quality of Safelink tablets may vary. It’s like a box of chocolates; some users receive an excellent device, while others may have software glitches, slow performance, and hardware malfunctions. 
  • Restriction in Technical Support – Safelink Wireless EBB Tablet may face technical issues. In this case, users need help, but Safelink does not assist. It’s like being smacked between gravel and hard places. 
  • Data Limit And Usage Restrictions – Some Safelink tablet providers limit the Internet data usage. Once you hit a certain point, your internet speed will slow down. It negatively impacts the user’s performance. 
  • Future Compatibility Issues – Due to advanced technology, Safelink tablets may need to be updated. After releasing new features and applications, Safelink tablet’s cloud struggled. It’s like bringing a flip phone to a digital party.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Yes, you can modify your free device. To acquire information about the program, you might also reach Safelink customer support at 1-800-378-1684. The Safelink team will inform you about the limitations of the program.

Safelink offers a single plan with unlimited talk time and 15GB of fast internet data. Besides these, Safelink also allows you to chat with overseas folks. It’s like making connections around without spending a dime.

You can use Safelink Wireless EBB Tablet for your study purposes, like taking online classes, submitting assignment work, and participating in online courses. But remember, never misuse these gadgets; otherwise, Safelink will take action. 

You can not share your Safelink Wireless EBB Tablet with your office colleagues, you can only share a free device with your family members.

Yes, Safelink provides smartphones. But the availability of these gadgets depends on several factors like location and qualification criteria. If you desire a smartphone through Safelink, visit the official page there, and you will discover program requirements. 


The US Government subsidized program, Safelink Wireless EBB Tablet, provides financial aid to students and low-income families. Like a shining knight in armor, it offers inexpensive high-tech tools to needy people. Safelink also ensures each has equal access to technological gadgets.

To procure a Safelink Wireless EBB Tablet, you must visit the official page of National Verifier, where you will discover the current status of your qualification. If you qualify, complete your Safelink tablet application. After verification, they will hand you a Safelink brand new tablet. 

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