Access Wireless Free Phones (2024) – How To Get?

Individuals or families with less fortune face many challenges in their lives when they can’t purchase resources that are important to learn skills, such as taking online classes. So, these low-income people can’t get them just because they don’t have money, and even they’re unaware of free iPhone opportunities.

If you fall in the low-income category and want to obtain a free phone, congratulations, now you’ve got a wonderful opportunity to secure Access Wireless free phones. Access Wireless is a non-profit organization like Unity Wireless, which offers cell phones and monthly offers to eligible people. Those individuals who wish to secure a free phone.

So, let’s explore Access Wireless’s free Government phone and monthly offers.

Access Wireless Introduction

The government-backed program Access Wireless offers free phones with monthly packages to families and individuals with fewer resources. Basically, it was kicked off in 2011, and still, it is one of the crucial parts of the Lifeline program that provides affordable communication services to needy people. 

Access Wireless Free Phones 

Access Wireless Free Phones

Access Wireless is like a ray of illumination because it offers additional offers with free phones. In the section below, we’ll explore Access Wireless free Government phones.

FeaturesNokia 225 4GSamsung Galaxy A01NUU A11LBLU C5L 2022
Display 2.4-inch QVGA5.7-inch HD+5.5-inch HD5.5-inch HD
Battery 1150 mAh3000 mAh3000 mAh3000 mAh
Operating System Series 30+Android 10Android 11Android 11
Storage128MB32GB32GB 32GB
Camera 2MP Front and 2MP rear camera5MP Front and 13MP rear camera5MP Front and 8MP rear camera5MP Front and 8MP rear camera

The Access Wireless teams up with Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity to offer these smartphones. 

Lifeline Smartphone Offer

The Lifeline knows how crucial it is to stay connected with family and friends. Therefore, Lifeline provides free smartphones to eligible people. However, their free phone offer may vary from state to state. If you’ve less resources and need a free smartphone, then check availability. 

Affordable Connectivity Smartphone  

Like Lifeline, Affordable Connectivity Programs also offer smartphones to qualifying people. The ACP offers vary with region; it offers a $75 discount to tribal area eligible people, while other qualifying candidates will get a $30 discount. If you need a free phone, then the availability.

Is Access Wireless Offering Free iPhones

As per reports, Access Wireless is not offering free iPhones, but worry not; still, you can obtain a brand new iPhone; for this, you may check the free Government iPhone 13 offer. However, some low-income people would not be interested in the iPhone 13; they may choose a free iPhone 7. 

Access Wireless is not a profit program, so due to the higher prices of iPhones, it only offers smartphones. Therefore, read the specifications of Access Wireless’s available smartphones and pick one that meets your needs. 

Access Wireless Additional Offers

Access Wireless Additional Plans

Many low-income people don’t know about Access Wireless’s additional plans. They only apply for a free device. Today, I’ll give details about Access Wireless’s monthly offers.

Remember, if you choose the Lifeline offer, you’ve to check the compatibility of your phone by entering the IMEI code. If you pick one plan from the ACP+Lifeline combo or only the ACP plan, then you have two options: select I need a Phone or Bring my phone. 

Those applicants who select “Bring my phone” will enter the IMEI code of their phone, while candidates who pick the ” Need a phone” option will enter their email for further processing. If you’re an Illinois resident and searching for a free Phone, then read the guidelines about Free Government Phones Illinois.

Need More Data or Minutes

Do you need more data or minutes and don’t have a credit card? Worry not, you might use prepaid cards of Access Wireless from participating retailers. For additional data or minutes, buy now credit cards.

Find Access Wireless Store

Access Wireless Upgrade Phone

Access Wireless is like a true buddy who cares for their customers. It gives you a chance to upgrade your existing cell phone. To upgrade your phone, check out.

Upgrade Access Wireless Phone

Access Wireless Free Phones Eligible States

Access Wireless is a prominent organization that is serving low-income people. Access Wireless’s sole aim is to equip deserving people with technology resources. They offer their free services in numerous states, which are 

State Zip CodeState Zip Code 
Washington 99333, 99144Kentucky40063, 40550
Nevada 89033, 89036Indiana 47227, 47307
Utah 84001, 84007New Mexico 87031, 87401
Oklahoma 73012, 73013South Carolina 29899, 29502
Arkansas72014, 72066Oregon97001, 97709
West Virginia 24729, 24854Ohio 43008, 43009
Maryland 21202, 21023Connecticut06860, 06061
Florida32013, 32030Virginia22034, 24205 
Missouri63746, 63880Alabama 35242, 56466
Pennsylvania15077, 15434Idaho83636, 83354
New Jersey07712, 07713Colorado80001, 81024
Michigan48201, 48103New Hampshire03073, 03040
Wisconsin53059, 53060Texas77072, 61,688
Arizona85121, 86313Delaware19720, 60,514
District of Columbia20001, 20005Illinois60120, 50,589
Louisiana70726, 60,707Lowa50402, 52071
California90001, 92101North Carolina27610, 81,219
Minnesota56075, 56146Mississippi38654, 56,449
New York 10001, 10005Kansas66855, 66620
Tennessee37077, 34041Maine 04901, 26,463

However, the above table has two Zip codes, but you must select your region Zip code to apply to Access Wireless free phones and additional services. After entering the Zip code, you’ve to search for a free phone stand near me

In this procedure, if you face difficulty, contact Access Wireless at 1-888-900-5899. Access Wireless support teams will resolve your issue as soon as possible. 

Eligibility Criteria For Access Wireless Free Phones

If you’re to take advantage of Access Wireless’s free Government phone offer, then you must meet their eligibility requirements. If you don’t fulfill requirements, you won’t be considered qualified for Access Wireless free services; therefore, to get benefits, you have:

  • Food Stamps.
  • Federal Housing Assistance Program.
  • Medicaid.
  • Veteran’s Income.
  • Supplemental Security Income.
  • Low-Income Home Emergency Assistance Program.
  • Free School Lunch Program.
  • Temporary Assistance For Needy Families.

Needed Documents 

After fulfilling eligibility requirements, you should now provide the necessary documents that would verify whether you qualify for free services. Following is a list of needed documents for the Access Wireless offers:

  • Program Participation: Like Unity Wireless and Assurance Wireless, this program also judges eligibility on the basis of participation in assistance programs. So, bring papers that show you’re an active member of programs like SNAP and Medicaid. Further, you may submit benefits statements for such programs. 
  • Social Security Number: Sometimes, Access Wireless requires a Social Security Number, in this condition, you must provide your social security card. 
  • Identity Proof: Access Wireless is like true applicants, so provide your identity card. Some people provide fake identity cards, so avoid these kinds of activities and hand over real documents. 
  • Address Verification: Access Wireless wants to verify your address. For this, you may provide a lease agreement statement or utility bills where your address and name are mentioned. 

Access Wireless may also ask for additional papers. So stay connected with the Access Wireless support team and cooperate with them so they can provide you with a free phone. Besides these, you can also acquire a free iPhone 8

How To Get a Free Phone

Follow the steps below to acquire an Access Wireless free phone.

1. Check Qualification

Before jumping on the bandwagon of the free iPhone offer, determine whether you qualify for the Access Wireless offer. For this, provide documents of participation in assistance programs like SSI and Medicaid Medicaid. 

2. Collect Documents

Before applying for Access Wireless free phones, collect all documents that might be your address, DOB, and Social Security Number. Once you collect these papers, you may apply for a phone offer. 

3. Visit Website 

Now check the official page of Access Wireless and locate the Apply Now or Zip code option.

Put your residential state code and check out Access Wireless phones availability.

4.Select Program

After completing the above process, choose an assistance program from where you get benefits. There is no restriction to choose one program, you may choose two or more programs in which you’ve participated.

Select Program

5.Fill Out Online Application

After choosing the program, scroll down and enter the necessary details, including Name, Address, Social Security Number, City name, and Contact number. 

Fill out Access Wireless Application

6.Choose an Alternative Shipping Address

Although a free phone is shipped to your first provided address, Access Wireless also gives the facility to add an alternative address where you want to ship a free phone. For this, add an address with a Zip code and city name.

Additional Address For Access Wireless

7.Review the Application & Submit

Before submitting the Access Free Phones application, check all provided information. In case you need to contact 800-464-6010 and ask you a question regarding the application. After that, you submit an Access Wireless free phone application.

8.Wait For Final Response

Now, after providing documents and the application, the support team will check all documents to determine your eligibility for a free phone. So this time, cooperate with the support team and be patient. 

9.Select Favorite Phone 

After approval from Access Wireless, the next step is to select the phone model. Access Wireless provides a variety of cell phones; you may select your favorite model. 

How To Activate A Free Phone?

Once you receive an Access Wireless phone, the next process is to activate that phone. Thus, read the guidelines to activate your free phone.

  • Check Accessories: First, step unbox the Access Wireless phone and check all accessories like SIM Card, Charger and also and pursue user guidelines provided by Access Wireless.
  • Put SIM Card and Power On: Insert Access Wireless SIM Card and press the free phone power on button until you see a screen light. 
  •  Choose Region/Language: Now, Choose your region and LanguageLanguage. There are various options, but you should choose the appropriate language and region. 
  • Create Google Account: If Access Wireless allows Wifi, then connect with it and create a Google account. 
  • Accept All Terms and Conditions: Read Access Wireless’s free phone terms and conditions and accept them. If you skip these settings, then your phone activation can’t be completed. 
  • Set Security of Free Phone: If you want your documents to be protected, then set fingerprint, password, or PIN. 
  • Activate Phone: To activate your free phone read the guidelines or call a provided number by a service supplier. 
  • Check Activation: After completing the activation process, now send a text or call to verify whether your free phone is activated. 
  • Install Applications: Finally, you’ve come to the step to install the necessary applications. These applications might be according to your interest. 

Access Wireless Benefits and Disadvantages

There are various benefits and disadvantages of choosing Access Wireless. I suggest you must know them. For such benefits and disadvantages, read them from the section below.


  • Free Phones: Access Wireless provides free phones to qualifying users. But wait, along with a free phone, eligible customers will get additional free Internet data, talk time, and texts. Overall, Access Wireless free phones offer is an amazing opportunity for all users. 
  • No Contract/Fees: Access Wireless has no restrictions for new customers. So, enroll in Access Wireless free phones program without giving or signing a contract.
  • Limitless Services: Access Wireless is like a ray of hope for those who can’t afford high-priced services. It allows customers to use unlimited Internet data and make phone calls. 


  • Limited Seats For Enrolment: The most prominent disadvantage of the Access Wireless free phones program is that it has only a few seats for enrolment. So you’ll need to wait for a few days for the application.
  • Basic Quality Phones: As earlier discussed, Access Wireless provides these phones at their own expense. Therefore, it gives only basic phone models. 
  • Issues with Support Team: Many Access Wireless customers are not fully satisfied with their support team, so before selecting Access Wireless, you must remember this point.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Access Wireless gives free phones and additional services to qualifying candidates. If you need a free phone then check Access Wireless offers.

It is a non-profit program so that a customer will receive only basic model phones like Samsung and Nokia.

If you have any queries regarding Access Wireless’s free phone services, contact 1-888-900-5899.

Final Thoughts 

Access Wireless, a non-profit organization, takes part in Lifeline and ACP programs. This program intends to provide free services and phones to low-income people who can’t afford them because of limited resources. 

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