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In this quickly evolving technological world, gadgets like cell phones are necessary for every citizen. But, due to budgetary issues, many citizens can’t get access to them. 

To cope with this issue, the Government of California is taking measures to bridge the digital gap. Numerous other programs also work together with authorities to provide free Government phone California. These programs include Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity programs. 

In this free phone post, we’ll surely analyse Lifeline and ACP offers. So, let’s start to know the best services for California.

Lifeline Program For California 

The Government program Lifeline aims to bridge the digital gap. Therefore, it offers those services which are beneficial for citizens. These services may include free phones, tablets, texts, data, and talk time. 

Lifeline Program For California

Discounted And Free Government Phone California 

The Lifeline program for California offers discounted cell phones and home phones to eligible people. But, there are also some restrictions of Lifeline like only one household member can receive a cell phone through this offer. However, disabled, deaf telecommunication program contributors and teletypewriter users may get other devices. 

Besides these, an eligible household member may choose one offer from a home phone or cell phone, not both. Moreover, an applicant may get benefits from one service supplier.

Charges of Violating Rules

Like other service suppliers, Lifeline also has some rules for discounted and free offers, some of which are:

  • Those household members who violate Lifeline rules will lose their benefits.
  • The Government of the US will prosecute them.
  • Rules Violators will be banned from Lifeline discounted offers, and they can also face monetary fines from service suppliers. 

Additional Discounted Offers For California

Discounted free home phone offer of the Lifeline program may also include the following additional benefits:

  • An applicant will receive a $39 discount for their service connection.
  • California residents may also get a $17.90 discount on the monthly flare rate, while this discount for cell phone service is also $17.90.
  • An eligible candidate may also earn a $39 discount for home phone services. 
  • It also provides a relief to paying taxes like local franchise tax, CPUC’s user fee, federal excise tax, and state 911 tax. 

Qualification For Lifeline Program

Suppose you belong to California and need a Free Government Phone  California with additional cell phone or home services. If yes, then first ensure you meet Lifeline Income and program participation criteria, which are mentioned below.

Income Criteria 

Household MemberTotal Annual Income Limit
1 or 2 members$32,500
3 members$37,700
4 members $45,900
Each additional member$8,200
This is valid up to 31 May, 2024

Qualification on the Basis of Programs

To receive Lifeline benefits, ensure you or any other household member must have enrollment proof of the following program:

  • Low-Income Home Emergency Assistance.
  • National School Lunch program.
  • Federal TANF.
  • Temporary Assistance For Needy Families.
  • Supplemental Security Income.
  • Food Distribution program. 
  • Food Stamps.
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance.
  • Section 8 or Federal Public Housing Assistance. 

Lifeline Application Process

Lifeline gives two options to apply for California discount offers: one is Online way, and the other is in paper form. In the section below, both procedures are given.

Online Application Procedure 

For the online application, input your name, DOB, and Social Security Number, and click on the next procedure. 

If you’re already a Lifeline subscriber and have a Lifeline phone, then dial 345345. Service suppliers will send a link to apply for Lifeline benefits. 

Paper Application Procedure

Another way to apply for Lifeline is in paper form. In this way, contact or visit the Lifeline service supplier and submit your eligibility documents. Now, Lifeline teams will check eligibility. If they are satisfied with your documents you’ll receive a mail containing an application form for Lifeline. 

Other Free Government Phone California Providers

Several Government initiatives offer discounted and free Government phones in California to eligible candidates. These programs are

AirTalk Wireless

The AirTalk wireless, well-known services join with the Lifeline program to provide free phones to California residents. It provides branded cell phones to eligible people, and the list of these cell phones is as follows:

AirTalk Wireless Program
  • Free iPhone 7.
  • LG G7 ThinQ.
  • Samsung Galaxy S8. 
Apply Now

Tag Mobile 

Another federal free phone initiative, Tag Mobile, provides free smartphones and additional services to California residents. Tag Mobile gives these services in two ways.

6GB Plan with Smartphone 

  • Free Government smartphone.
  • Unlimited texts and talk time.
  • 6GB Internet data.

8GB with SIM Card Plan

  • 8GB free Internet data.
  • Unlimited talk time.
  • Unlimited texts.

To qualify for Free Government Phone California through Tag Mobile, an applicant should be at %150 or below. Further, they have participated in Government assistance programs like Tribal TANF, Federal Public Housing Assistance, and Greater Avenues for Independence. 

Life Wireless

Life Wireless is another Government-based program that helps low-income people in California. Its services are provided through ACP and Lifeline.

Lifeline Plan

  • 6GB free data.
  • Unlimited talk time. 
  • Unlimited texts. 
  • No hotspot data

ACP Plan

  • 10GB free data.
  • Unlimited talk time. 
  • Unlimited texts. 
  • 5GB hotspot data.

ACP & Lifeline Plan

  • Unlimited free data.
  • Unlimited talk time. 
  • Unlimited texts. 
  • 50GB hotspot data.

Income Criteria For Life Wireless

Family SizeIncome Limit
1 or 2 members$32,500
3 members$37,700
4 members$45,900
5 members$54,100
6 members$62,300
7 members$70,500
8 members$78,700
9 members$86,900
These guidelines are effective until 31 May 2024

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