Free Government Phones Indiana (2024)- Best Offers

Nowadays, everyone is worried about their phone bills. The real problem is for low-income individuals as they do not have much funds to afford them. 

Like other individuals, many Indiana locals can’t bear the price of these services. How will you respond if you can grab these means for free? Absolutely it’ll be a joyful moment for you. The Government authorities are working jointly with institutions that supply free Government phones Indiana.

Now, I’ll probe such events or programs that give out indispensable free cell phone services to deprived people. I’ll request you to remain attentive and read utter details.

Free Government Phones Indiana Programs 

1. enTouch Wireless

A mobile virtual network operator, enTouch Wireless, thrives at T-network. It caters to the dreams of a lot of impoverished individuals. The main magenta of this program is to support financially insecure people. So, enough Wireless offers complimentary phones and other supported services. 

enTouch delivers these services at no cost in 36 states. In Indiana it assists Underprivileged people with free Government phones Indiana. Below are the bonus services of enTouch Wireless.


Lifeline +ACP Plan

  • A free phone.
  • 10GB high-speed data.
  • Boundless talk time with messaging option.

Lifeline Plan

  • No phone but only a SIM Card.
  • 100 MB data at no cost.
  • 500 text messages.
  • 1000 voice minutes.

ACP Plan

  • No cell phone but SIM Card for free.
  • 5.5GB Data.
  • Limitless talk time and texts.

Earning Criteria

Attendants Income
Extra Participent $6,939

Stipulations of Programs

  • Food Stamps. 
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance program.
  • Medicaid.
  • Survivor benefits.
  • Supplemental Security Income. 

2. Access Wireless

Access Wireless is another Project for unprivileged people. It grants cell phone services to Indiana-qualifying occupants. The primary cause of the project is to enable economically disadvantaged people. So, these programs bring numerous free Government phones in Indiana and other subsidized options.

Access Wireless executes its cell phone services via Lifeline and the Affordable Connectivity program. A few of them are.

Lifeline Offer

  • 4.5GB high-speed data package.
  • Free 500 minutes for calling.
  • Boundless text messages.

ACP Offer

  • 10GB Super fast Internet data.
  • Unlimited Text Messages.
  • Unlimited Talk time.


  • Limitless data for the Internet.
  • Unlimited talk time.
  • Unlimited text messages for customers.

Application Guidelines

  • First, visit the official web page of Access Wireless and inspect the free services form.
Access Wireless Application Form
  • Now, put your mail with an Indian zip code and move forward.
  • Pick the best services out of the available services. 
  • Check out the option of that specific program from where you obtained perks.
  • Lastly, put confidential information like DOB, address, contact details, and SSN.

Once given the above attributes, await the ultimate response of the support team.

Qualification Standards

Like Unity Wireless, this initiative also sets different criteria to qualify for free services. 

  • Federal Housing Assistance Program.
  • SNAP.
  • Survivors Benefits.
  • Medicaid.

Earning Benchmarks

ParticipantsIncome Limit
Extra Participant$6,939

3. Cintex Wireless 

Cintex Wireless also works for the prosperity of disadvantaged people. For this destination, Cintex Wireless bestows free Government phones Indiana and other services to these people. You can also check free Phone 14 for qualifying candidates.

In the following section, I’ll demonstrate the Cintex Wireless application method, so stay linked.

Application Instructions

  • First, check the Cintex Wireless page and locate the Zip code place.
Cintex Wireless Free Phone
  • Put the Indiana Zip code and go ahead with further procedure.
  • Now, select a free or upgraded option that satisfies your needs. 
  • Less fortunate people should go with the free phone option. 
  • Suppose you opt for the free phone (Unimax U696CL) option, then check all boxes that indicate you agree with Lifeline and initiatives terms. 
  • Now, put private facts like DOB, contact details, SSN, and other indicated information. 
  • Again, give an authentic address and go ahead.
  • Not at the spot, give the Initial and go to the final step of the free Government Phones Indiana application. 

In case you face a hurdle in the free phones indiana application, establish communication with support members at 855-655-3097. For greater clarification about free phones, fill out a given form with a free phone Enrollment ID, and in the below portion, put your request and submit that form. 

4. AirTalk Wireless

If you’re still sitting on the fence, relax. AirTalk Wireless also backs up financially vulnerable. It grants free Government phones in Indiana to competent applicants. 

AirTalk Wireless works jointly with Lifeline and ACP. The incentive of these programs is to equip those members who can’t manage their expenditures to procure high-priced cell phones. Therefore, to acquire a free phone, read these instructions.

AirTalk Wireless Free Phone Application 

  • Primarily, visit the AirTalk Wireless page, spot the start point of the application form, and put in the Indiana region Zip Code.
AirTalk Wireless Free Phones
  • Select one compatible free phone plan and march on.
  • On the new tab of the AirTalk Wireless screen, choose the free phone option. In this section, all free phones are listed. Although these are core types of phones, they still are the top pick of low-wage earners. 
  • Like Cintex Wireless’s free phone application, check all the boxes that will show you are satisfied with the free phone company terms and conditions. 
  • Put your intimate details, including name, SNN, DOB, and contact details. 
  • Put your Indiana residential place address, select units, and move ahead. 

In this way, wrap up the free Government Phones Indiana application form via AirTalk Wireless and hold on until the AirTalk help-desk responds. 

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