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In today’s rapidly globalising world, phones are crucial to link with others. In Illinois, many people also wish to have their cell phones. But due to budgetary issues many people can’t acquire a cell phone.

However, many Government-based programs are underway to offer discounted cell phones. Such initiatives not only provide free Government phones Illinois but also cell phone bills. If your annual income is as per guidelines, then you are lucky to get these free cell phone services. You may also apply for free iPhone.

Consequently, without wasting time, explore such programs that are in the Illinois market to provide free services. Let’s begin

Free Government Phones Illinois Programs

2. American Assistance

A respected carrier, American Assistance, also assists eligible individuals to get free Government Phones Illinois and other free services. Below are American Assistance free packages for Illinois residents:

  • 14.5GB Free Data.
  • A free cell phone.
Free Government Phones Illinois

American Assistance offers its services in almost 28 states. If you’re interested in whether its services are available in your state, visit the American Assistance page, select your state, and press enroll now. 

Eligibility For American Assistance

If you participate in Government-backed, you will be eligible for free and discounted offers. The Government programs list is as follows:

  • Medicaid.
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance Program.
  • SNAP or Food Stamps.
  • Survivors Benefits.

Participation in all the above programs is not necessary. If you participate in only one program, that would be enough for qualification. 

2. Life Wireless

The government-sponsored initiative, Life Wireless, is a free cell phone carrier that provides its services to assist low-income individuals. Mainly Life Wireless cell phone services are offered through ACP or Lifeline. The following are the benefits of Lifeline and ACP for Illinois citizens.

Life Wireless Smartphones

ACP Benefits

  • 10GB Free Data.
  • Unlimited Talk time.
  • Unlimited Texts.

Lifeline Benefits

  • 4.5GB Free Data.
  • 500 Free Minutes.
  • Unlimited Texts.

ACP+Lifeline Benefits

  • Unlimited data.
  • Unlimited Texts.
  • Unlimited Talk time.

The combo plan is the best plan for low-income Illinois locals because through this they get unlimited benefits. Remember, to acquire Lifeline and ACP free services, your income is per the guidelines that are given below.

Income Instructions

Household MembersIncome Limit
1 Member$19,683
2 Member$26,622
3 Member$33,561
4 Member$40,500
5 Member$47,439
6 Member$54,378
7 Member$61,317
8 Member$68,256
Additional Members$6,939
This criteria is set on the basis of 135% of Federal poverty instructions

3. TruConnect

TruConnect is another prominent program that provides free Government phones in Illinois to qualifying people. TruConnect offers these smartphone services through ACP and Lifeline. If you meet these program requirements, consider free phones.

TruConnect Benefits

  • Free Android Smartphone.
  • 12.5GB free 4G Data.
TruConnect Plans

In order to obtain TruConnect services, you’ve participated in these programs:

  • Federal Pell Grant Program.
  • Supplemental Security Income.
  • Veterans Pension.
  • Breakfast fast or School Lunch program.
  • Lifeline.
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

Income Criteria For TruConnect

Household SizeIncome Limit
Additional member$10,280

4. Universal Telephone Assistance Program

The USAC and UTAC-backed programs Universal Telephone Assistance offer discounted services to Illinois locals. It offers these discounted services via Link Up and Lifeline. 

The Federal Program

In Federal, Lifeline is providing discounted monthly services to Illinois residents. If you’re Illinois local, then you may get a $9.25 discount for your monthly services.

The State Program

Nowadays, state programs are not offering discounted monthly services. However, often they give a $35 discount for telephone services. 

Application Guidelines

If you choose Link Up or Lifeline, move forward to check the availability of free services. For this, visit Link Up or Lifeline page; further, to check the availability of these services, visit. 

USAC Lifeline Support

Income Criteria 

To qualify for free Government phones in Illinois, an applicant’s income should be 135% or below. 

Programs Based Eligibility 

If you’re interested in Link Up or Lifeline offer, then you should provide participation proof in one of the following programs:

  • Survivor Benefits.
  • Supplemental Security Income.
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance Program.
  • Veterans Pension.
  • Medicaid. 

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