Free Samsung Galaxy S9 Government Phone – Top 4 Programs

Have you ever thought you could acquire a free Galaxy S9? If not, Don’t worry; now the Government is collaborating with some organizations to offer a free Samsung Galaxy S9 phone. They provide these Government phones to eligible candidates. 

Nowadays, advanced gadgets like Samsung S9 phones have become necessary for everyone. Moreover, with the help of these tools, you can communicate with each other. You can also discover new job opportunities. This article will deliver all the requisite information on acquiring a free Government Galaxy S9 phone. 

How To Obtain Government Free Galaxy S9

If you wish to get a free Government Galaxy S9, you must fulfill the following prerequisites of the program:

  • According to the federal poverty instructions, your income must be below 135%. If you are going solo, then this threshold is $12,700 annually. 
  • You must be an active member of the Government helping programs, like Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs, Medicaid, and Supplemental Security Income. 
  • If you belong to the senior community of the state, you would automatically qualify for a free Government Galaxy S9 phone. 

You must visit a free Government phone service office if you meet the above requirements. It’s like attempting to find a pearl in an oyster bed. You might consider Qlink, Access Wireless, Standup Wireless, Feelsafe Wireless, and TruConnect for free Government phones. 

Top 4 Programs That Offer Free Samsung Galaxy S9

Following are the top four programs that provide free Government phones.

Free Samsung S9 Phone Providers

1.  Connect America Fund 

The Government initiative Connect America releases subsidized funds for cell phone companies so that they can help low-income individuals. It’s like giving them a boost to help low-income individuals in rural areas. The aim is to provide phone services to those who cannot afford phone service bills. 

According to the federal poverty guidelines, if your income is below 135%, visit Check your qualification status; submit free phone paperwork if you hit the mark. The Connect America Fund gives an offer to acquire an iPhone, to explore this opportunity check Free Government iPhone.

2. Lifeline Assistance 

Federal Communication Commission program, Lifeline Assistance, helps low-earning individuals. It provides free and inexpensive phone services to eligible candidates. They ensure each American has access to advanced technology. 

Lifeline Assistance offers a $9.25 discount on wireless service. Moreover, it also provides data services for $9.25 monthly. To avail of this offer, visit and check your eligibility for a free Galaxy S9. 

3. National Lifeline Association 

Another non-profit organization, the National Lifeline Association, helps low-income people. They also provide financial help to eligible candidates. The main purpose of this aid is to bridge the digital divide. 

National Lifeline Assistance also offers free Samsung Galaxy S9 to eligible people. If you want a brand new Samsung Galaxy S9, visit their official page and ask the service provider to provide a free phone. 

4. Affordable Connectivity Program

The Emergency Broadband Benefit program has replaced Affordable Connectivity. It helps low-earning individuals with smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S9. Affordable Connectivity offer is like a breath of fresh air for those facing financial issues. 

Features of Free Galaxy S9 Government Phone

The following are the best features of the free Government Galaxy S9.

ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 845
Battery Non-removable Li-Ion 3000 mAh
Main Camera12MP
Selfie CameraDual Camera (8MP+2MP)
Weight163 g
SIMNano SIM or Hybrid Dual SIM

Eligibility Criteria For Free Samsung Galaxy S9

If you want a free Government Samsung Galaxy S9, you must fulfill the criteria below:

  • You must be below 18.
  • According to the federal government guidelines, your income must be below 135%
  • You or any family person must partake in Government helping programs like Medicaid, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance, and Food Stamps.

Required Documents For Free Samsung Galaxy s9

Below are the required documents to avail of the free Samsung Galaxy S9:

  1. Passport copy and Photo ID.
  2. Current Address.
  3. Paperwork showing you are an active member in the Government helping programs, like Food Stamps. 

If you have the above documents, apply for a free Government phone. 

Application Procedure For Free Samsung Galaxy S9

Having complete knowledge about the application procedure is like having the secret sauce for winning. Therefore, follow the below steps to finish the paperwork for a Samsung Galaxy S9:

Application For Free Phone
  • First, search for a free Government Samsung Galaxy S9 provider. For this, use Google to discover a long list of Government phone providers. Now choose a service provider and contact via mail or call to claim a free Government phone.
  • Visit the service supplier’s official web page and determine whether you are qualified for a free phone. For this reason, you might also visit the National Verifier official page. If you fit the bill, continue the further procedure.
  • Now, visit the service provider’s website and fill out a free Government application form. They can also ask for documents to determine your qualification criteria. 
  • After completing the paper for a Samsung S9, submit it. Service providers teams will review your paperwork. If you meet their fixed criteria, they will deliver a free Government Samsung S9.

But remember, before submitting an application form, check whether you have put appropriate information. If you face any issues, contact the service suppliers team; they will back you on this issue.

Comparison Table

Following is the comparison table of the Samsung Galaxy S9 with others.

FeaturesSamsung Galaxy S9Samsung Galaxy S7iPhone 7iPhone 11
ProcessorQualcomm SDM845 Snapdragon 845Exynos 8890 OctaApple A10 Fusion Apple A13 Bionic 
Main Camera12MP12MP12MPDual Camera (12MP)
Selfie CameraDual Camera (12MP+2MP)5MP7MP12MP
Weight163 g152 g138 g194 g
BatteryNon-removable, Li-Ion 3000 mAhNon-removable, Li-Ion 3000 mAhNon-removable, Li-Ion 1960 mAhNon-removable, Li-Ion 3110 mAh

Advantages And Disadvantages of Getting Free Galaxy S9

Below are the positive aspects and negatives of the free Galaxy S9.


  • Financial Assistance – Providing free Government Samsung Galaxy S9 can be helpful for those families who cannot purchase expensive gadgets. In other words, a free phone is like an oasis in the desert for low-income families. 
  • Access To Information – Free phones are like a key to open the door of knowledge. You can explore new job opportunities with these cell phones. If you are a School or College student, it allows you to take online classes from your comfort zone. 
  • Digital Inclusion – In various regions, people need digital access. Providing free Government phones to the people of these areas would be like a ray of sunshine. Moreover, it would bridge the digital gap between different communities. 
  • Access To Communication – Free Government phones serve as the linchpin of connectivity. These gadgets allow you to connect with your family, community, and friends. For this purpose, you can use their call and text packages. 


  • Low Spaces – Sometimes, free Government phones do not have advanced features like others. It could reduce their performance. In other words, comparing a free Samsung with others is like comparing a regular bike to a high-speed racing car. 
  • Maintenance and Repair – A few free Government service providers do not pay repair charges if your free device faces any issues. It will impose an additional financial burden on you if you are a low-earning individual. 
  • Limited Data And Services – Some service suppliers impose restrictions like how much data you can use and which app you can access. Due to these restrictions, users may feel like they are walking on brittle ground.
  • Limited Support and Upgrades – In some cases, free Government phones like free Samsung S9 may not receive updates. Therefore, these free devices could be like a car without any maintenance, putting the user in the lurch. 

Frequently Asked Questions

To check qualifications, visit the official page of the Lifeline. Additionally, you can also visit You can get help from a free Government phone provider. 

After submitting paperwork for a free phone, the service suppliers team will review your application. If you fit the bill, they will provide a free Samsung Galaxy S9 in 5 to 6 working days. If you do not receive a free device, contact the service supplier. 

Yes, you can use the free Galaxy S9 for your study purposes. The main aim of giving these devices is to provide possible resources so that students can learn new methods. 

No, you are not allowed to sell these Government phones. For more information, visit service suppliers. You can also check their official page for information. 

Often, the Government provides free devices without any fees. But remember, service providers can acquire shipping fees. So, before getting a free device, you can acquire information about shipping fees. 


Having a top-notch phone like the free Galaxy S9 will open a new door of opportunities. The United States Government has launched a project to provide free Galaxy S9 phones to eligible candidates. Their primary goal is to ensure each American has advanced technological gadgets. 

To avail of these Government phones, visit service providers offices and submit paperwork. Their team will contact you through call if you fulfill free phone criteria.

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