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In our fast evolving world, communication resources have become a need of each. With these resources, individuals may get recent news about sports, education, and politics. 

In Georgia many low-income individuals and families also need such communication resources like phones. However, they can’t access such phones because of monetary problems. 

But don’t fret; now, several programs are in the market that provide free Government phone Georgia to deserving eligible individuals and other households. Below, we’ll analyze how such programs offer free phone and other services in Georgia.

Free Government Phone Georgia Providers

1. AirTalk Wireless 

Georgia, which is surrounded by mountains, provides free cell phone services to qualifying households. Basically, these cell phone services are offered via Lifeline programs. You many also consider a free iPhone 14. However, below are the ACP and Lifeline offerings for Georgia locals.

AirTalk Wireless Free Phone
Plan NameACP Plan Lifeline Plan ACP+Lifeline Combo Plan
Phone Basic cell phoneNo phoneFree iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S8 
Monthly CoPayFree of costFree of costFree of cost
Talk Time Unlimited1, 000 MinutesUnlimited
Nationwide TextYesYesYes
Local CallsYesYesYes
Free 411YesYesYes
80+ International countries calling optionsYesYesYes
National Long DistanceYesYesYes

AirTalk Wireless Exclusive Offers

The AirTalk Wireless is like a beam of light for many low-income people. It always has exclusive offers which make AirTalk distinguished from other suppliers. The following are exclusive free phone offers of AirTalk Wireless:

  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 8.
  • iPhone 7 Plus.
  • Revvel 5G.

Income Instructions

Household MembersIncome Limit
For additional household members$5,140
These guidelines are based on 135% of Federal Poverty Instructions

  Qualification on the Basis of Programs

  • Survivors Benefits.
  • Section 8 or Federal Public Housing Assistance.
  • SSI and SNAP.
  • Medicaid.

For any additional query about free Government phone Georgia, contact 1.800.282.5813. 

2. American Assistance 

American Assistance is also providing its free services in Georgia. The qualifying Georgia locals will get a free smartphone with free texts, talk time and 14.5GB data for Internet. 

To acquire a free phone with other monthly offers, check their official page and enter your Zip code with active mail. After giving this, you’ll be redirected to an information page where you can begin a free smartphone application. 

Eligibility For Free Phone 

To obtain an American Assistance free phone, you need to participate in one of the below programs:

  • Federal Public Housing Assistance.
  • Medicaid. 
  • Veterans Pension.
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

3. Life Wireless Benefits For Georgia

Life Wireless is active in Georgia to help needy people. It provides monthly services through ACP and Lifeline. The following are benefits that a Georgia resident may get.

ACP Plan

  • 10GB Free Internet data.
  • Unlimited texts.
  • Unlimited talk time.

Lifeline Plan

  • 4.5GB Internet data.
  • Unlimited texts.
  • 500 Free Minutes.

ACP & Lifeline Combo Plan

  • Unlimited Internet data.
  • Unlimited texts.
  • Unlimited talk time.

These services are provided to those applicants who participated in assistance programs like Federal Public Housing Assistance, SNAP, and Medicaid. 

Income Guidelines 

Household SizeIncome Limit
1 Member$19,683
2 Members$26,622
3 Member$33,561
4 Member$40,500
5 Member$47,439
6 Member$54,378
7 Member$61,317
8 Member$68,256
For Additional Member$6,939
This income limit is based on 135% of Federal Poverty Guidelines

4. enTouch Wireless

Through the Lifeline program, enTouch Wireless provides discounted and free cell phone services in Georgia. The enTouch Wireless ensures each Georgia local has access to these services so that they contact their loved ones without breaking the bank.

These free phone services are for those candidates whose income is below the guidelines and who also participated in Government programs. Below is the benefits list that a qualifying Georgia resident may get:

  • The new phone is from a trusted brand.
  • Unlimited talk time and texts.
  • 10GB Internet (For a limited time).

The Georgia locals may enjoy the above services without spending a penny. If you are also interested in these free cell phone services, then register now.

About free Government phone Georgia services, you may contact (866) 488-8719. 

5. Infiniti Mobile 

Infiniti Mobile is another trusted supplier in Georgia. Mainly, it offers free phones to those applicants who meet Lifeline eligibility guidelines. 

Free Phone Georgia

If you want to enroll through Infiniti Mobile, give these details:

  • First, visit the official page of Infiniti Mobile and input the active email with the Georgia state Zip code. 
  • After providing the above details, you’ll arrive on a new screen, where you’ll have to give all your personal information.
  • For this, give your DOB, name, SSN, and select ACP, and press continue.
  • Now, provide an address and zip code and move on.

5. TruConnect

TruConnect has also been serving low-income people for a long time. The main intent of such an initiative is to enable low-income Georgia residents so that they may obtain communication resources. It also provides free services for tribal area residents. 

TruConnect’s free cell phone services include free tablet, desktop, and monthly services. To offer these services, it collaborates with Lifeline and ACP programs. Those individuals who need Lifeline and ACP services may consider TruConnect.

6. SafetyNet Wireless

A wireless service supplier, SafetyNet Wireless provides subsidized plans to low-income Georgia customers. It equips low-income households and individuals with tools like a phone. 

Like other providers, SafetyNet free services are provided via Lifeline and ACP. The SafetyNet offerings are totally free, meaning there are additional monthly costs. Furthermore, eligible individuals may get a free phone. 

If you need these free services, they must meet qualification requirements. Those candidates who fulfill the free services criteria may register. 

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