Free Government Cell Phones in Alabama -Top Programs (2024)

Have you ever listened to people talking about free Government cell phones in Alabama? I hope you listened, but you don’t know how to acquire a free cell phone in Alabama state.

 If you’re unaware of these programs, worry not, as I’ll explain how to grab a free cell phone while residing in Alabama. Several programs offer cell phones with free services in Alabama state, including Samsung and other iPhone.

Low-income and disabled people can also get this assistance from these programs, including the Life Wireless program, TruConnect, and other Access Wireless. So, If you want to receive a free cell phone in Alabama State, then stay connected and read all guidelines carefully.

Is Free Government Cell Phones in Alabama Real?

Absolutely, yes, a free Government cell in Alabama is 100% legitimate. Several initiatives in Alabama assist needy people with cell phones and free services. If you’re interested in grabbing this wonderful opportunity, read the guidelines carefully. 

Lifeline Plans For Alabama Through Life Wireless

In Alabama state, several service suppliers are active in assisting people. Lifeline is also one that offers discounts as well as financial assistance to applicable individuals. 

Below is the list of ACP and its companion Lifeline, which offers free Government cell phones in Alabama: 

  • An eligible applicant may receive a free 4.5GB of data with 500 free minutes through the Lifeline program.
  •  If they select ACP, then they will get a 10GD data package and unlimited minutes. 
  • You can also choose ACP+Lifeline collectively; in this case, there is a limit for data packages and minutes, so you can enjoy this package without thinking about limits. 

To avail of this assistance, you must be residential proof of Alabama state and also have obtained benefits from state-wise programs like SNAP, LIHEAP, FPHA, Survivors Pension, and Medicaid. 

Besides the above requirements, Lifeline also has income restrictions to fulfill these offers, which are given in table form.

Size of HouseholdHousehold Income (Annual)
For other persons$6,939
free Government cell phones in Alabama

Lifeline Application Procedure

To start application for free Government cell phones in Alabama, follow below instructions:

  • First, visit Life Wireless official page and “sign up” or put zip code with email as below.
Life Wireless Sign up
  • To start a new application procedure again enter zip code with mail.
Start A New Application
  • Choose one plan as shown
Pick one plan
  • To confirm qualification, pick one program in which you’ve participated.
Choose one program
  • At this step, enter name, DOB, to complete procedure for free Government cell phones in Alabama.
Give necessary Information

ACP and Lifeline Plans For Alabama Through TruConnect

If you’re currently residing in Alabama, are Lifeline or ACP qualified? Then, you may receive a free-of-cost device through TruConnect. But wait, with a free device, you’ll also get free wireless services. 

In the below section, I’ll explain which services are offered to Alabama residents:

Lifeline Plans 

The FCC-based initiative lifeline is designed so that Internet and phone costs can be reduced. For this purpose, Lifeline gives a $9.25 discount to qualifying individuals. If you belong to tribal lands, then you would enjoy a $34.25 discount for these services. 

Lifeline Eligibility Criteria 

If you participated in one of the below assistance programs, then congratulations, you’re an eligible candidate for the Lifeline offer:

  • Medicaid.
  • Tribal Assistance Programs.
  • SNAP.
  • Food Stamps.
  • SSI.

Income Based Qualification 

Like other programs, Lifeline also provides free services on the basis of income. Below are the income criteria for Lifeline offers.

Lifeline Income Qualification

ACP Plans

Another FCC-based initiative, ACP, assists qualifying households. The ACP offers a discount of $30 to eligible people; if you’re living in a qualified tribal area, then you may get this discount up to $70. The students, workers, and other individuals may apply for these benefits. 

ACP Eligibility Criteria

To confirm qualification for ACP, you’ve to participate in one of the following Government initiatives:

  • Medicaid.
  • Federal Pell Grant Award Program.
  • NSLP (National School Lunch Program).
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.
  • Lifeline Program.
  • Veterans Pension.
  • FPHA (Federal Public Housing Assistance).

Income Based Qualification 

Like Lifeline programs, ACP has income criteria to qualify for free services. Usually, ACP sets 200% for users, but this may vary with household members’ size. Below is the table for household members. 

Income Based Qualification

Access Wireless

Access Wireless is another free service supplier in Alabama that offers hotspots, texts, and talk time to eligible members. If you need these services, then visit the official page of Access Wireless:

  • Enter your state zip code and press the “Apply Now” button.
Enter Zip Code
  • Now, you’ll be redirected to the wireless plans page. Choose the best plan that is according to your needs. 
Select Plan of Free Government Cell Phones in Alabama
  • From the below section of the same page pick a suitable option.
Choose own phone or need a phone option
  •  If you choose your phone option, then give the IMEI code. Besides these, if you pick “need a phone,” then enter your email.
Go To Enrolment
  • After entering your email, press Go to the enrollment option, where you provide your information to start a free services application. 
Start Application

Link Up

Link Up is another service supplier in Alabama that aims to provide free smartphones. While Link Up also provides discounts for new phone installations. However, this discount amount may vary normally depending on income, and in many cases, this discount is $10 for each month. 

Remember, this discount includes only basic features, not upgraded options like call waiting. If any applicants need special features, then they should pay for these features themselves. 

Other Free Services Providers in Alabama

Below are the other free service suppliers in Alabama:

These are the most famous service providers that provide free Government cell phones in Alabama.

Final Thoughts

Various programs offer free Government cell phones in Alabama to deserving people. If you really need a discount on Internet or phone services, then check Lifeline and Truconnect plans for Alabama state. I hope guidelines about Alabama service suppliers will be helpful. 

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