Get Free Government Tablet Assurance Wireless in 2023

The mobile virtual network provider, Assurance Wireless, offers free tablets to needy people. It is a Government-funded program that helps low-income households with free Government tablet assurance wireless. 

In the modern transforming world, communication is an effective approach to connect individuals. Therefore, Assurance Wireless helps deserving individuals with free resources like free tablets and cell phones. 

In this assurance wireless free tablet article, I’ll explore top providers that offer free tablets. Further, which documents are required for assurance tablets? This article will deliver the requisite information that you must have before applying for a free tablet. 

Assurance Wireless Program Overview

A telephone service program, Assurance Wireless is funded by a Lifeline assistance program. The assurance wireless program is mainly designed for those low-income individuals who count every penny. 

So, this program helps such people with Government tablets and data packages, including text messages and fast Internet data. The good thing about this program is that Assurance Wireless doesn’t ask for activation fees and monthly bills. 

Lifeline Assistance Program: What is it?

The Federal Government initiative, Lifeline aims to deliver affordable resources of communication to low-income people. 

For this instance, Lifeline offers a reduction on broadband packages and telephone services when low-income people buy these services from participating service suppliers. 

Lifeline Program Overview

The Lifeline offers this discount to ensure each low-income individual has the required resources for communication. Additionally, these free resources, like tablets, are crucial to get access to educational resources and job opportunities. If you want to obtain free tablet then you may get it through Safelink Wireless EBB Tablet program.

Moreover, the Lifeline program is like a ray of sunshine for those individuals who can’t pay bills. To facilitate such low-income people’s lifeline, provide a discount of $9.25 for qualified low-income and $34.25 for tribal land residents.

Free Government Tablet Assurance Wireless

The assurance wireless offers free Government tablets through ACP and other service suppliers. The eligibility criteria to acquire a free Assurance wireless table is fixed by these providers. 

The qualification criteria help service suppliers to decide which is the right individual to receive a free tablet. However, these eligibility criteria might be changed by these tablet providers. 

A few providers deliver free tablets to those people whose income limit is under $200 as per federal poverty instructions. At the same time, other service suppliers ask to provide participation proof in the Government helping programs like SNAP and Medicaid. If you’ve participated in Medicaid program, then you may acquire a free tablet with medicaid.

So, each initiative has different qualification criteria to acquire a free assurance wireless tablet. Therefore, I’ll recommend determining each program’s criteria before jumping on the bandwagon of free tablets. 

Eligibility Criteria For Assurance Wireless Free Tablet

To qualify for free assurance wireless tablets, the candidate must fulfill the requirements of the program or service provider. Typically, those individuals who participated in Government programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program would be considered eligible.

However, each state provides guidance to acquire a free Government tablet assurance wireless; therefore, ensure to check those guidelines before applying. Below are further qualifying requirements to get a free tablet.

The Government also provides free tablets to senior members. If you’re a senor member and wondering for free tablet, then it is a lucky chance for you, to get tablet check free tablets for seniors.

Income Based Eligibility 

Though each service supplier has different eligibility criteria for income, if you want to get a free tablet through ACP, then the income limit is %200, which means applicants must fall within this limit. If you choose another provider, then you may check their official page. 

Lifeline Enrollment Proof

Those individuals who wish to have an assurance wireless tablet must submit Lifeline enrollment proof. 

Participation Proof of Government Programs

A few free tablet providers require paperwork that shows you’ve participated in Government helping programs like Medicaid and SNAP. 

Also, applicants may provide other statements that prove they are the right candidate for free Government tablet assurance wireless. Some of them are given below:

  • Paystubs.
  • Veterans benefit statement.
  • Unemployment benefits statement. 
  • Retirement statement.

But remember, applicants should provide a statement of three months. The applicants can also provide the following papers to show eligibility for a free tablet:

  • Income statement from employees.
  • Income returns record.
  • Child support papers.
  • Federal statement letter of General Assistance.

After providing these documents, reach out to your service supplier and ask for any additional documents. If they require more documents, the applicant can provide residency proof, identity proof, and student information. The applicant can also check free tablets with Medicaid if they don’t qualify for these programs. 

Application Procedure of Assurance Wireless Tablet

There are several ways to complete free Government tablet assurance wireless. The applicants may fill out an assurance wireless application or contact support members at 1-888-321-5880.

Follow the below instructions to complete the assurance wireless application procedure.

Step-1: Applicants should visit the official page of Assurance Wireless and click on the application.

Free Laptop Application Form

Step-2: Now, after finding an application, press apply now. 

2nd Step of Free Laptop application

Step 3: In the new tab, an applicant should enter a name, date of birth, and email and press the continue button. 

Information page of application

Step-4: In the next tab, applicants should give extra details like apartment name, city and street name. After providing these details, they should press the continue button. 

Language Selection

Step-5: Further, an applicant enters a phone number, receives a PIN code, and clicks on the continue box. 

Eligibility for free laptop

Step-6: Choose the first option, that is I am the Eligible Applicant. 

Check application form

Step-7: In the next step, you will see the whole details which you have given. Now, verify these given details according to the instructions. 

Qualification for free laptop

Step 8: Select those initiatives in which you have participated. 

Confirm your consent

Step-9: Now enter your initials and electronic signature and press the continue button. 


Step-10: Eventually, check all necessary buttons and finish the free tablet application procedure. 

After giving these details, hand over this application to Assurance Wireless, and their team members will determine your qualification status. If you qualify for an assurance wireless free tablet, they will reach out to you via call or confirmation letter. 

After approval of a free tablet assurance wireless application, a candidate will receive a free tablet in a few days. If you do not receive a free tablet, worry not, contact their support team at 1-888-321-5890. You can also send your query at 

Assurance Wireless.

P/O Box 5040.

Charleston, IL, 61920-9907. 

Assurance Wireless Free Tablet Programs

Numerous providers cooperate with the Government to offer inexpensive tablets to low-income households. Below are the top 5 programs that deliver free tablets.

Affordable Connectivity Program

A Government initiative, the ACP, started during the Covid pandemic time to help people with free Internet service. If you’re wondering about the free tablet, then follow the below steps to snag a free tablet through ACP:

  • Visit the official page of the ACP.
  • Put the state name and Zip code to check service providers that offer tablets in your state.
  • After finding a suitable supplier, search for an assurance tablet application form. 
  • Now, provide complete information according to the mentioned guidelines and finish the application procedure.


A non-profit initiative, EveryoneOn, supports low-income individuals and households by providing free tablets. Those individuals who want to snag a free tablet visit their official web page and fill out a free tablet application form. 

National Lifeline Association 

The National Lifeline Association is like a true buddy that helps low-income individuals in their hard times and provides free tablets. If you’ve no resources to buy a free tablet, then you may choose the National Lifeline Association. 

Connect America Fund

The Connect America Fund is another non-profit organization that provides free Government tablet assurance wireless to low-earning individuals. It mainly operates in underserved areas where most people need access to advanced gadgets like free tablets.

Lifeline Assistance Program

The government-sponsored program Lifeline Association helps low-earning individuals with free tablets. The sole aim of Lifeline is to provide free gadgets to those people who can’t access them due to a lack of resources. 

Restrictions of the Assurance Wireless program

There are only a few restrictions to avail free of cost tablets. A few of them are:

  • The Assurance Wireless tablet initiative is only for low-income households and individuals. 
  • The service suppliers have few options to provide a free tablet. 
  • An applicant’s income must be according to the federal poverty instructions. 

Which Tablets Are Given Through Assurance Wireless?

It purely depends on the service supplier’s available stock. Sometimes, an applicant chooses a tablet model, but due to limited stock, service suppliers can’t deliver that model. So, the best option to obtain a desired tablet is an applicant must reach out to the service supplier and check available tablets in stock. 

The following are a few tablet models that you may choose:

  • Apple iPad.
  • Lenovo Tablet.
  • Sky Devices Tablet.
  • Amazon Fire Tablet.
  • Samsung Tablet. 

Benefits of Free Government Tablet Assurance Wireless

There are a lot of benefits to getting an assurance wireless tablet. A few of them are listed below.

Benefits of free government tablet

Opportunities For Education

A free assurance wireless tablet is a beacon of hope for many low-income students. By getting a free tablet, they can easily submit assignment work and participate in online classes. Besides these, students can watch study-related tutorials, which could be helpful in enhancing knowledge. 

Source of Enjoyment

The assurance wireless free tablets are a great source to watch movies and dramas and read ebooks. Thus, assurance wireless gives an opportunity to enjoy and gain knowledge at fingertips. 

Enhanced Digital Interaction

By having an assurance wireless tablet you can access and communicate. Moreover, you can provide digital services. In short, these free tablets can enhance your digital interaction.

Participation in Online Webinars

By getting free Government tablet assurance wireless, you may participate in online webinars that could be beneficial for your digital journey. 

Connection with Loved Ones

You may contact your family and community members with these free Government tablets. No matter how far you’re far away, Assurance Wireless tablets still give you a chance to speak.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, qualified candidates can acquire free data with tablets. Sometimes, Assurance Wireless also offers unlimited talk time and text message options with free data. 

If you select Assurance Wireless, then you must provide income proof that should be according to a fixed limit of affordable connectivity programs. 

No, there is no contract option to avail of a free assurance wireless tablet. 

After confirmation of eligibility, Assurance Wireless suppliers will deliver your free Government tablet, which you will receive in ⅚ business days. 

Assurance Wireless does not require any additional charges for the activation of a free tablet. However, they might ask for delivery charges. 

Final Thoughts

Having free Government tablet assurance wireless gives an opportunity to get knowledge and participate in online classes and webinars. The sole purpose of such an organization is to provide an equal chance to access advanced tools like tablets and cell phones. 

You can obtain your favorite Assurance Wireless free tablet. For this you must participate in Government programs that would help you to qualify for a free tablet program. 

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