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In a fast growing world, gadgets like phones are the need of each citizen. With these advanced tools, an individual can perform many activities like contacting, watching tutorials, and many more. 

However, numerous people lack access to these phones due to monetary issues. As per the Census Bureau of the US, there are over 100k Arizona residents whose earning level is less than Federal Poverty Instructions. Therefore, a number of service providers offer a free Government phone Arizona to these residents. 

However, Lifeline and ACP are the two most well-known service providers who always support low-income members. These programmes assist those whose earning is less than the poverty line. Below are such suppliers who also support Arizona residents in their hard times:

  • Life Wireless.
  • Tag Mobile.
  • TruConnect.
  • enTouch Wireless. 
  • K20 Wireless.
  • Assurance Wireless.
  • Q Link Wireless.
  • Safelink Wireless.
  • Access Wireless.

Free Government Phone Arizona Lifeline Plan

As stated, various programs assist Arizona citizens with free devices, and Lifeline is one such supplier that always cares for Arizona residents. Below are offers of Lifeline for Arizona low-income and deserving households:

Lifeline Plan

  • Through the Lifeline plan, a qualified Arizona individual or household member can get 4.5GB of free data and 500 minutes.

ACP Plan 

  • An eligible individual in Arizona would receive 10GB of free data and unlimited minutes to talk with loved ones.

ACP+Lifeline Plan

  • The collective benefits of ACP and Lifeline are more useful because an applicant receives unlimited data and minutes in this package. 

Application Procedure of Lifeline

If you choose Lifeline for a free phone in Arizona, then follow the instructions to finish the phone application:

Free Phone Arizona Application Procedure
  • First, visit the Lifeline web page and look at the left side from the upper menu.
  • At this place, enter your Arizona State Zip Code 85142 with your email address and check the next button.
  • On this new page, choose the best plan of data and minutes and move to the next page.
  • In this section, give information about a program in which you got benefits.
  • Now, on the new page, enter your correct details like name, social security number, DOB, contact number with address, and submit your free Government Arizona application. 

Free Phone Arizona Through TruConnect

TruConnect is another free phone-providing program in Arizona. If you are living in Arizona and need a Government iPhone or any other smartphone, then you might pick TruConnect as a service supplier. 

In this technological era, TruConnect is like a real gem that fulfills the needs of low-earners. The following are different plans of TruConnect through which this program assists deprived individuals. 

Lifeline Phone Program 

The foremost aim of Lifeline is to reduce Internet as well as phone services costs of those individuals who are unable to pay their charges. Consequently, it provides economic support to such members. 

 If you qualify for Lifeline’s amazing offer, you will acquire a $9.25 discount for your phone services. If you are a certified member on a household basis, you’ll get more discounts, like $34.25. Moreover, the qualification requirements depend on Lifeline because they vary with household size. 

ACP Phone Program

Affordable Connectivity, an FCC-based initiative, provides financial help to Arizona-qualifying individuals with free phone services. It assists such applicants to access free Government phone Arizona that they require for healthcare, and job employment. 

Moreover, this program also offers a $100 grant to selected members to purchase devices, including phones, desktops, and iPads. However, this discount may vary with eligibility as tribal area members can receive this discount up to $75, while for others, it is $30. 

Free Phone Arizona Through enTouch Wireless

enTouch is another assistance program that provides free devices in 33 states, including Arizona. It offers these free phones with amazing packages through Lifeline and ACP programs. This initiative offers three different plans for their customers, which are given below:

Lifeline Plan 

If you like the Lifeline plan for free services, then the following benefits you’ll get:

  • 500 free voice minutes.
  • 100 MB free Internet data.
  • 500 free texts.
  • In this package, you’ll get only a SIM card, but you will receive a phone.

ACP Plan

Those applicants who pick the ACP will get the following benefits:

  • 5.5GB free data for the Internet.
  • Unlimited free texts with talk time.
  • Free SIM Card, but again, in this package, there is a phone offer.

ACP and Lifeline Collective Plan

This is the most beneficial package for low-earners. The following is a list of benefits that an applicant may receive through this plan:

  • A free 5.5 cell phone.
  • 10GB free data for Internet usage.
  • Boundless minutes for talk and texts.

But be aware that this package of ACP and Lifeline is for a short time. 

Qualification Criteria For Arizona

Like other service suppliers, enTouch Wireless also has some qualification criteria, which are given below.

Program Participation

To gain a Free Government phone Arizona, you must have participation proof of the following programs:

  • Federal Public Housing Assistance.
  • Food Stamp/SNAP.
  • Survivors Benefit or Veterans Pension.
  • Supplemental Security Income Program.
  • Medicaid. 

Income Criteria For Arizona Applicant

Arizona-based programs also require income proof to gain a free-of-cost device. Below are income requirements as per Poverty instructions for Arizona. 

Household MembersIncome Limit
1$19, 683
2$26, 622
3$33, 561
4$40, 500
5$47, 439
Other members$6, 939

Needed Documents For Free Phone Arizona

  • Social security benefits statement.
  • Veterans benefits statements.
  • Tribal tax return report.
  • Child support papers.
  • A statement about pension benefits.

For any additional query about free Government phone Arizona, contact (886) 488 8719

Free Government Phone Arizona Through TagMobile

TagMobile is also a superior program for Arizona, which offers free phone services. The following is TagMobile’s free phone services list:

  • Caller ID.
  • Voicemail.
  • If you qualify for the TagMobile offer, then you can receive free unlimited texts, talk time and 8.5GB free Internet data for every month. 
  • Besides, there is no contract for TagMobile offers. 

Eligibility For Tag Mobile Offer

Like other free phone providers, Tag Mobile delivers free devices after deciding whether individuals qualify for free phone services. If you want to confirm your eligibility, then provide participation proof of the following programs:

  • Medicaid.
  • Food distribution program on Indian reservations.
  • Veterans Pension.
  • Head Start.
  • SSI.

Free Government Phone Through American Assistance

American Assistance, a Government helping program, provides free and discounted phone services to Arizona residents. Through this program you may get a free phone with 14.5GB Internet data. Besides a free phone, a qualifying candidate may get unlimited texts with free minutes. 

Final Thoughts

In Arizona, there are numerous households that need phones, but financial issues hinder them from accessing such devices. For such Arizona residents, various service supplier programs offer free and discounted phones, including monthly packages. In this blog about free Government phones Arizona, such programs are discussed, and you might select one of them. 

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