Best Government Phone Service – Top 8 Phone Companies

Many individuals wish to get a free phone, but they don’t know which is the best Government phone service. Don’t fret; this article will deliver all requisite information, including eligibility benchmark and application. 

Nowadays, access to high-tech gadgets like phones has become crucial. These phones help to connect with loved ones and other community members.  However, many people need help to choose the best free phone services. Stay connected to know about the best phone service.

What Is The Best Government Phone Service?

Assurance Wireless is a rare gem that helps low-income individuals. Therefore, it is the best Government phone service provider that delivers free phones to eligible candidates. 

And guess what? Assurance Wireless also gives discounts on Internet and phone service bills. So, Assurance Wireless’s free phone offer with discounted services is like attaining a twofer. 

Top 8 Free Cell Phone Companies

Below are the top eight companies that provide the best Government phone service. 

Top 8 Best Government Phone service

1. Assurance Wireless

The US Government initiative Assurance Wireless helps low-income families and individuals. For this purpose, the Government also provides subsidies so that they can provide low-cost and free cell phones to deserving people. It ensures all Americans have access to necessary telecommunication services. Assurance Wireless also distributive free tablet in low-income families and individuals.

What Does Assurance Wireless Offer?

  • Free Smartphone.
  • 2.5GB Hotspot Data.
  • Free Caller ID & Voicemail.
  • Text messages talk time with Internet data.

2. Safelink Wireless

Lifeline Assistance companion Safelink provides free smartphones to qualified individuals. They aim for all Americans to have access to telecommunication services. If you’re curious about Safelink, you can Safelink best compatible phone at Walmart.

What Does Safelink Wireless Offer?

  • Free Smartphone.
  • Free 911 Access.
  • Free Caller ID & Voicemail.
  • Text messages talk time with free data.
  • $30 discount on wireless service.

3. T-Mobile 

The US-based telecommunication company, T-Mobiles, runs a program named Connect. It offers free cell phone services to qualified people through a connect program. 

What Does T-Mobile Offer?

  • Family and prepaid plans
  • Voicemail.
  • Internal Roaming.
  • Free Talk time, text messages, and fast Internet data.

 4. Q Link Wireless 

Another US-based telecommunication organization that helps needy people. It gives free cell phones to qualified candidates. Q Link is like a rare gem that helps low-income people when they need it. 

What Does Q Link Offer?

  • Free Smartphone.
  • 911 Emergency Access.
  • Free Caller ID & Voicemail.
  • Upgrade Options
  • Text messages, Talk time, and Internet data. 

5. enTouch Wireless

Lifeline provider enTouch Wireless is famous for authentic services. Most of enTouch delivers its services in Louisiana and Texas. Besides phone services, it also provides cable TV services. 

What Does enTouch Offer?

  • Cable TV Services.
  • Free Smartphone. 
  • Business Services.
  • Text messages, Talk time, and Internet data

6. Access Wireless 

Access Wireless is a telecommunication organization that helps deserving people with phone services. It provides its services through Lifeline, which is a Government-subsidized program. They ensure low-income people have enough resources to communicate and connect. 

What Does Access Wireless Offer?

  • Free Smartphone.
  • 911 Emergency Access.
  • Free Caller ID & Voicemail.
  • Unlimited data with Talk time and Text messages.

7. Life Wireless 

Life Wireless is a beacon of hope for many low-income families. It helps eligible candidates with phone services. The primary goal of Life Wireless is to help those who face financial issues and can’t pay service bills.

What Access Wireless Offers?

  • Free Smartphone 
  • Caller ID & Voicemail.
  • Unlimited data, Talk time, and Text messages.

8. StandUp Wireless 

StandUp Wireless is another phone service provider that helps low-income people. To avail of free phone service, they must meet StandUp Wireless criteria, such as applicant income must be below 135% and should participate in Government programs. 

What Does StandUp Wireless Offer?

  • Free Smartphone.
  • 911 Emergency Access.
  • Caller ID & Voicemail.
  • Fast Internet data, Talk time, and Text Messages.

How To Select the Best Phone Service?

If you want to choose the best Government phone service, follow the below steps:

How To Select free phone service
  • First, analyze the data packages of all service providers and choose one that matches your requirements.
  • Examine other aspects like talk time, text messages, Caller ID, and Voicemail.
  • A few service providers also give discounted or referral bonuses, so you must consider these. 
  • Before selecting any service provider, you must check previous reviews of that provider.
  • Make sure you follow the prerequisite of the free cell phone service initiative.
  • Additionally, check if the service provider is active in your neck of the woods or not.
  • Finally, check the free smartphone options available and choose one of them.

A few free phone service providers may ask for additional cost for upgrading devices. So, before selecting a free smartphone, you must ask about extra charges.

Eligibility Criteria For Best Government Phone Service

If you want to get free phone service through the Lifeline program, you must fulfill the below requirements:

Eligibility Criteria For Phone service
  • According to the federal poverty instruction, your income must be below 135%. However, this percentage may alter with regions and states. But, most states have an average benchmark of 135%.
  • You can also submit the employee’s paperwork that verifies your income proof.
  • You must partake in helping programs, like Tribal Specific Programs, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Medicaid, Federal Public Housing Assistance, Veteran Pension, and Survivor Benefit. 
  • If you wish to get free phone service through Lifeline, cut off your agreement with other service providers. 
  • Lifeline provides free cell phone service to a single person per household. You will not be eligible for the Lifeline program if your family person has already received free cell phone service.
  • Additionally, you must also provide residency or a legit Alien Registration Card that shows you are a citizen of the US. 

But remember, these qualification benchmarks may change with time. Therefore, you must verify before availing yourself of the best Government phone service. 

Application Procedure For Free Cell Phone Service

To apply for a free Government cell phone, follow the below steps:

  • Before applying for free services, ensure that you fulfill Lifeline requirements for application. For this, you can check whether your income is according to guidelines and you are part of helping programs. 
  •  After verifying eligibility criteria, choose the best service provider that is active in your state and additionally offers a free smartphone with unlimited talk time and text messages. 
  • Now visit the official page of the service supplier and fill out a free services application form with appropriate information like address and name.
  • After finishing the application, determine whether you have input proper information; for this, you can take the help of a free cell phone provider. 
  • Submit an application form, and the free cell phone providers team will review your paperwork; if you meet their criteria, you will get enrollment in the Lifeline program.  
  • After that, the best Government phone service provider will deliver a free cell phone to your address.

But remember, you must renew your free cell phone service annually; otherwise, you will not get free phone services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Before selecting, you must check service provider offers. Further, verify whether the service provider is active in your region or zone. 

Yes, you can upgrade your free device, but some service providers may get extra charges for upgrading the device. Moreover, you must contact a cell phone service provider to acquire more information about this offer.

Lifeline and Assurance Wireless are the best Government phone service programs that help needy people. These programs provide free smartphones with voicemail and Internet data. 

Yes, you can switch your free cell phone service supplier. But remember, before applying for a new service provider, cut the agreement with the old service provider. 

Yes, you can get a free Government phone without paying a single penny. Several programs offer free smartphones with unlimited data, like Assurance Wireless, Life Wireless, Q Link Wireless, and Safelink Wireless. 


Several service suppliers help individuals and low-income families with free cell phones. They also offer different services, including free Government phones with unlimited text messages and super fast Internet data. 

So before choosing the best Government phone service provider, determine whether you meet their criteria. Besides these, you must check if these service providers also provide free cell phone services in your area. 

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