Free iPads For Students & Low-Income (2024)

Have you ever wished to acquire free iPads? Or have you ever wondered how convenient life would be with a free iPad on which you could do all your tasks? If your answer is yes, then you’ve arrived at the perfect place. This article has all the information on acquiring a free iPad.

In 2010, Steve Jobs introduced a new high-tech tool named the iPad. This tool has changed the lives of human beings in various ways. Now people can connect by using these gadgets. Thus the iPad has hit the market like a bull in a China shop. 

How To Register Free iPads with Food Stamps And EBT

Following are the steps that need to be followed to register oneself in a free iPad program:

How To Register For Free iPads
  • Check eligibility through the National Verifier website. 
  • Visit the Lifeline website and enter the opposite zip code.
  • Select a service provider.
  • Put your information in the application form.
  • Attach documents that show you were a participant in the food stamp program.
  • Review the application to remove errors.
  • Submit a free ipad application and sit tight, and await for approval.

Required Documents For A Free iPad

To get free Ipads following documents must be provided:

  • Family size proof (Through adoption papers, birth certificate).
  • Income proof (Tax returns, salary slips).
  • Proof of house address (Lease agreements, mortgage agreements).

A member’s eligibility  would be determined by the integrity of the documents. If the records are authentic, the deserving person will receive a free Ipad in 5 to 6 working days. 

Who is Qualified To Acquire Free iPads?

It would be best if you met some criteria to qualify for a free Ipad. The qualification criteria are given below:

  • Candidates for a free iPad must be above 18’s.
  • Applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents.
  • According to federal poverty guidelines, the applicant’s income should be below 135%.

Which iPads are Best?

The best iPads for students and low-income households is listed below:

  • iPad Mini (6th Generation).
  • iPad Mini (5th Generation).
  • iPad (9th Generation).
  • iPad Air (3rd Generation).

Features of Best Ipads 

Ipad ModelDisplayProcessorStorageCamera
Ipad Mini 6Liquid Retina DisplayApple A1064GB, 256GB12MP wide camera, f/1.8 aperture
Ipad Mini 5Retina DisplayApple A964GB, 256GB8MP camera. f/2.4 aperture
Ipad 9Retina DisplayApple A13 Bionic64GB, 256GB8MP wide camera, f/2.4 aperture
Ipad Air 3Retina DisplayApple A12 Bionic Chip64GB, 256GB8MP camera, f/2.4 aperture

Which Programs Provide Free iPads?

There are several programs through which you can get free Ipads. However, the most trustworthy and convenient program which makes available free Ipad is SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Program). It is a federal initiative that helps low-income with technological gadgets like Ipads.

The idea of getting a free iPad through food stamps or EBT may sound like music to the ears of SNAP participants. This opportunity is like hitting two birds with one stone by providing free gadgets and necessary nutrition support. 

How To Acquire A Free iPad For Students?

A student can acquire a free ipad using either of  two ways discussed

Free iPads Through Schools

Students in a degree or diploma program can get a free Ipad. For this purpose they consult with the IT department or visit the financial aid office to get information about a free ipad program.  

Free iPads Through Government Programs

The second method to acquire a free Ipad is enrolling in Government programs. If you are a deserving student and can’t afford to buy an expensive iPad, enlist your name in a free Government based program which provides free gadgets like iPad. 

Top 5 Free iPads Programs

There are numerous organisations that help low-income people with free gadgets to bridge the digital divide. These assistance programs provide high-tech tools, including smartphones, laptops, and iPads. Following are the five best programs through which a low-income student can grab a chance to get a free iPad. 

Discover Top 5 Free iPads Programs

1. Everyone On

The nonprofit organisation, Everyone On, is a game changer for students and low-income people. The main goal of this organisation is to provide access to free internet service and technological gadgets to those who have been sailing rough to afford these tools. 

Like a beacon of hope in a stormy sea, Everyone On Organisation provides a chance for low income-families to explore the world of technology with free iPads. Their offer of providing free internet with ipads is like “Killing two birds with one stone” now; it depends on the low-income households how they use these gadgets. 

2. Human I-T

Another nonprofit organisation, Human I-T, works for the welfare of those families who can’t afford to buy high-priced tools like laptops, iPhones, and iPads. Like turning lemons into lemonade, Human I-T collects waste iPads, and their team checks whether these tools are in working order. Human I-T efforts of providing free Ipad are like “Teaching an old dog new tricks.”

Human I-T also provides discounted iPads. These tools benefit students like joining online classes and submitting assignments on school and college portals. 

3. On It Foundation

On It Foundation is another assistance program for students and low-income to provide necessary gadgets. It is a breath of fresh air for those households and students who wish to have iPads but can’t procure them. 

This organisation not only provides free iPads but also provides free service. Their mission is to empower students and low-income households with high-tech tools so that they can put their part in their country’s progress. 

4. ConnectHome USA

Based on the public-private partnership model, ConnectHome USA is an organisation that provides not only a free iPad but also different sorts of services like a well-oiled machine. The fundamental goal of this organisation is to bridge the digital gap. For this purpose, they are working hard day and night. 

Like a beacon of light in the dark, ConnectHome USA helps students to make a brighter future. For this reason, they assist students in using these iPads for study purposes. 

5. PCs For People

A nonprofit organisation, PCs For People, is a burst of energy for low-income households and students. This organisation provides cheap technology gadgets and access to internet services. PCs For People also offer qualified people a chance to get a refurbished Ipad for free or at a discount. They ensure no one has missed a boat.

The Advantages And Disadvantages of Free iPads

Before acquiring a free Government iPad, you should know a little bit about these iPads. The following section will briefly compare the advantages and disadvantages of a free iPad.


  • Cost Effective And Efficient – As you are well aware, Apple produces one of the best iPads; if you get a chance to acquire a free iPad, it will save you a lot of money that you can spend somewhere else. 
  • Productive And Educative – The free Ipads can boost your productivity at the workplace. It will improve students’ learning experiences. 
  • Access To Apple’s Ecosystem – Once you acquire a free Ipad, you can connect to other products. It will be suitable for your work experience.
  • Product Checking Before Procurement – By getting a free Ipad, you will get a chance to check the product and satisfy yourself before you finally decide to get a free gadget. It can additionally assist you determine whether to purchase a new Apple gadget in the future. 
  • On The Go (OTG) Entertainment – One can have a personalized on-the-go entertainment system by getting a free Ipad. This entertainment would include games, movies, and one can have access to Apple TV. 


  • Unseen Expenses – The chance you may be charged for certain services after getting a free iPad cannot be ruled out. To access the applications, you may have to purchase subscriptions. It may have a negative impact on your savings.
  • Privacy Breaches – The iPads are provided with pre-installed software and are owned by the Government. Your privacy can be violated by using a free Ipad. They may access your data, pictures in the gallery, and contacts. Please carefully share these lists after getting a free Ipad.
  • Old Technology – The Ipads are given to you at zero cost. Thus, the Government may focus less on integrating the latest technology. It may cause problems when you connect your devices to new technologies. 
  • Incomplete Features And Spaces – The free iPads may have some of the features you are accepting. The iPads may also not perform up to the task if the software and hardware are older. 
  • Binding Contracts – If some service provider has financed the free iPads, then you will need to fulfil the requirements set by those service providers. In this way, a free Ipad can add to your financial expenses. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use a free Ipad for non-educational purposes such as entertainment and connecting with your family and friends. But never use a free Ipad for suspicious activities; otherwise, service providers will take action. 

After you fulfill the requirements of service providers, it will take about 5 to 6 working days to deliver a free Ipad. If you do not receive Ipad these days, then contact your service provider.

As an individual of a household, you can get one free Ipad. In other words, one household can receive only one free Ipad. 

Personal data like your home address, email, contact number, age, and income level is required to apply for a free Ipad with food stamps and EBT. 

Getting a free Ipad may be a challenging procedure for many people. To get more accurate information about service providers, you can visit their official websites, where you will find information about the application process and required documents for a free Ipad. 


The free iPads with food stamps and EBT is like “hitting two birds with one shot”. Getting a free Ipad is a golden opportunity for students and low-income people who can’t afford these gadgets. Jump into the bandwagon and apply for this sweat deal. It’ll be a game-changing decision in your life.

With the help of a free iPad, you can find online job opportunities and stay updated on health information. It helps to stay connected with your community and family friends like “two peas in one pod”. Free iPads will open a new door of technology. You can also put your efforts into the betterment of your country. 

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