Best Safelink Compatible Phones At Walmart in 2023

A prominent service supplier, Safelink Wireless helps qualifying customers with phones and tablets. It provides affordable phones in various states. 

However, someone said Safelink only delivers basic and cheap phones to eligible candidates. For this, I made a considerable analysis to understand which cell phones are provided. 

Most importantly, not everyone can qualify for the Safelink compatible phones program, but luckily, I qualify for their compatible phone program. Before getting this compatible phone, I researched Safelink Compatible phones at Walmart. 

According to details, Walmart is a prominent retailer whose sales are 115% which is greater than Amazon. So, Walmart has various options for people to pick low-price phones. 

 Thus, in this section, I’ll deliver my experience on how to pick Safelink Compatible phones at Walmart and which things you must consider before choosing Safelink Compatible phones. 

Let’s begin!

Safelink Compatible Phones: What is it?

The word “Compatible phones” means smartphones or cell phones that can be used through Safelink services. Below are some compatible phones:

  • Samsung
  • iPhone
  • Flip Phones

 How can I determine Safelink Compatibility?

The Safelink partner organization, TracFone, operates all over the United States. Thus, those cell phones would be compatible with Tracfone. 

Follow the below steps to check Safelink Phone compatibility:

  • First, visit TracFone’s official web page, there, you’ll see an option of “SHOP” in the main menu section. 
  • Now, move forward and find a “Buy Sim Card” competition. 
  • On the next tab, scroll down your screen and find an option of “Check Compatibility Button.”
  • To complete the compatibility procedure, you’ve to select a service supplier with which your cell phone or smartphone is compatible. Often, there are some options for the suppliers; choose the supplier with which your phone is compatible. 
  • Sometimes, to check compatibility, you’ve to provide your cell phone IMEI code. 

If your cell phone is compatible, then you’ve got a golden opportunity. For this, visit the Safelink page and apply for the Lifeline plan. If you qualify for their program, you’ll get a SIM card. 

What phones are compatible with Safelink?

The Government initiative, Safelink Wireless, provides its services in the US. It teams up with the ACP program. The primary goal of Safelink is to provide low-priced cell phones to low-income individuals. 

Safelink also provides free tablets with phones to qualifying individuals. If you do not qualify for this initiative, worry not; still, you are in the game and can acquire Safelink services through the “Safelink Wireless Brings Your program.”

Furthermore, if you’re interested in purchasing a compatible phone through Safelink, then Walmart could be a suitable option because they have different companies’ phones like Samsung and iPhone. Below I’ll provide a complete safelink compatible phones list that would be helpful to understand compatible phones. 

Safelink Compatible Phones At Walmart Samsung 

The Safelink customers have numerous options to choose Safelink-compatible phones. The following is the list of Samsung phones that an individual may select.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung phones are considered top-rated Safelink compatible phones at Walmart. The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a 5-Inch display that is suitable for many users. Further, the plus point of this cell phone is it also has a powerful battery of 3000 mAh, which is enough for normal usage. 

A 64GB internal storage is another stunning feature of this cell phone. If you want to store images and videos, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be an appropriate option for you. Additionally, you may also capture beautiful images with its 12MP back camera. 

Samsung Galaxy J3

2017 was the opening year of Samsung J3. However, this cell phone is an older model, but it still has several modified apps that help to work smoothly. It has a 5-inch display that is good for basic usage. In the Samsung Galaxy J3, you can watch movies and tutorials. 

As mentioned, the Samsung Galaxy J3 phone is an older model, but you can record high-quality images with its 5MP selfie and 13MP back camera. Furthermore, the Samsung J3 has 16GB storage, which could be enough for beginners. 

Samsung Galaxy S10+

S10+ is another top-notch cell phone from Samsung. It has a wide display of 6.4 inches. If you love a big screen of cell phones, then opt for this Samsung model. 

Samsung Galaxy S10+ has several amazing features, such as taking stunning pictures with its triple back camera. If you’re a vlogger, then consider Samsung Galaxy S10+ because it allows users to record 4k videos. Moreover, for those users who are worried about battery timing, here is the solution: Samsung Galaxy gives you a 4100 mAh battery. 

Samsung Galaxy A10

Samsung Galaxy A10 is integrated with Android 9.0 Pie, which shows Galaxy A10 can complete its tasks quickly. The best thing about the Samsung Galaxy A10 is that it has a 6.2-Inches screen. Further, you can use this phone through the TracFone network. 

Moreover, you can also apply for Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S22 through Government programs. However, the availability of these smartphones depends on service supplier stock, so before applying for these phones through the Safelink program, you must contact phone carriers. 

Comparison Table of Safelink Compatible Phones Samsung

Safelink Compatible Phones at Walmart Samsung Table

iPhone Safelink Compatible Phones At Walmart 

Safelink Wireless has various types of phones, like the iPhone. If you’re an iPhone admirer and have a wish to acquire a free iPhone through Safelink then you may qualify. Below are Safelink Compatible phones at Walmart that you may acquire.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

As you know, iPhones are the most expensive phones. Thus, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is also high and sells at $449.97. If you’re low-income, then I recommend you go for free Government iPhone 11 Pro Max through different service suppliers. Instantly, if you don’t get a free iPhone 11, then you can purchase an iPhone 11 at Walmart. 

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max runs at iOS 13 and has 4GB RAM, which makes processing faster. If you’re a Tikotker or YouTuber, then the iPhone 11 Pro Max is the best option because it has a huge Internal storage which allows you to save your files and other data. 

iPhone 6S

The different service suppliers also provide free iPhone 6S to qualifying individuals, but it depends on the supplier’s stock. So, I can’t guarantee you’ll obtain this phone; the best practice is to approach a free iPhone provider and ask about the stock. In other cases, you can also avail iPhone at low-price from Walmart. 

The iPhone 6S is considered a compatible phone at Walmart. On the other hand, its stunning features like internal storage and triple back camera make it a top-notch compatible phone. 

iPhone SE

The iPhone SE is another Safelink Compatible phone at Walmart that operates through a 4G LTE network. However, this phone is the 2nd generation but still works quickly. You can also capture phenomenal pictures through its 12MP camera. Additionally, you may use this iPhone to watch videos and play games. 

Comparison Table of Safelink Compatible Phones iPhone

2 table jpg

Unseal Safelink compatible phones at Walmart

If you’re interested in obtaining Apple iPhone and Samsung phones, you can still choose Safelink compatible phones at Walmart. Let’s discuss which options you have.

TracFone Safelink Phones

 The first TracFone Safelink phone is the LG Stylo 4, which has a wide display screen of 6.2 inches, which is enough for normal use. Stylo LG 4 runs at Android 8.1 and has 2GB RAM with 32GB internal storage with 2GB RAM. 

This cell phone has an 8.2 version of Bluetooth, which means you can transfer your data and other files within a few minutes. Additionally, at the time of purchasing this cell phone, you will get a bonus of $40 for packages and voice calls. 

Motorola Moto G Power 

Motorola Moto G Power has a wide 6.4-inch display screen where you can easily play games and watch movies. This cell phone is also suitable for selfie lovers because it has a 16MP front camera. The main priority of Motorola is the satisfaction of customers. Therefore, this cell phone comes with a 5000 mAh battery. 

OnePlus 9 

The OnePlus 9 is considered the best Safelink compatible phone at Walmart due to its fast and smooth operation. This cell phone also runs on Android 11, which makes it unique from other cell phone models. 

If you’re worried about data storage, then the OnePlus 9 provides a solution because this smartphone has 128GB and 512GB internal storage options with 8GB and 12GB RAM that make your downloading process fast. 

Comparison Table of Unseal Safelink compatible phones

Safelink Compatible phones at Walmart unseal phones comparison

How To Determine Which Smartphone is Compatible?

There are different ways to judge which cell phone is compatible. In the section below, I’ll discuss two ways that would help you.

For Older People

If you’re an older person who does not have enough knowledge about technology, then I recommend you select a flip phone or a regular phone. The flip phone has large pads as compared to others, so you can easily manage these types of cell phones. 

While, regular phones are the best option because these smartphones also have an easy interface. 

Young Persons

According to the reports, over 310 million people in the US are smartphone users. At Safelink, you will find different types of cell phones, from basic to advanced. 

These advanced cell phones allow their users to play games, perform multiple tasks, and transfer large files. Moreover, you can also upgrade your smartphones from Safelink. 

Safelink Phone Replacement Option

Sometimes, your cell phone is stolen or broken; in this case, you don’t know what to do. So, don’t fret; I’m here with a solution.

Broken Cell Phone 

 If you’ve your cell phone warranty papers, then you may get your cell phone replacement from Safelink. For this, contact Safelink support members at 1-800-723-3546 and tell them your cell phone is out of order and ask for a phone replacement.

Lost/Stolen Cell Phone 

In case your Safelink cell phone is lost or your cell phone is stolen, immediately reach out to support so that they can block that cell phone. Now, show your cell phone warranty card and request an alternative phone. 

Frequently Asked Questions

To upgrade a Safelink cell phone, follow the below steps:

  • First, determine compatibility.
  • Transfer your Safelink SIM Card.
  • Reach out to Safelink service suppliers and provide the required information. 
  • After providing documents, you will be able to upgrade your cell phone. 

TracFone is the only one that provides Walmart cell phone services. To offer these prepaid cell phone services, TracFone teams up with different carriers like Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon. 

TracFone is considered the best Safelink phone supplier. To facilitate individuals, it collaborates with other service suppliers so that they can offer Safelink service all across the US. 

Yes, if that SIM card is compatible with a cell phone, then you might use it. 

Absolutely, you can use another service supplier, Sim Card, if it is compatible with Safelink phones. 

Final Thoughts 

In a progressing world, gadgets like cell phones are the needs of each individual. We live in a world where these cell phones play a role bridge to connect with our friends and family. 

To fulfill this need of people, Safelink offers cell phones with talk time and text messages. If you can’t buy an expensive phone, you may choose a free Safelink phone, while you can go for Safelink Compatible phones at Walmart.  

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