Free Laptops For Low-Income Students And Families in 2023

Did you notice the Government is handing out free laptops for low-income?. It is for you if your income rate is less according to the federal poverty guideline. Acquiring a free laptop is not an essay procedure. Most people need information on how to apply for a free laptop and when they will receive it.

Many years back, no one was familiar with laptops. Only Scientists, Army and NASA used it in their mission. Now, in the Digital world, laptops have become necessary for everyone. 

But still, due to low income, many people need access to laptops & free Internet. The Government has lent a helping hand by providing free laptops for low-income people. Read more to learn how to apply and get a free laptop.

Free Laptop For College Students

In the modern era, laptops have become a need for each. The students can only make headway using technological gadgets like laptops and computers. Therefore, to facilitate students, the Government has initiated various programs which provide discounted or loaner laptops to help them. 

College Students

Before applying to such programs, you should approach your college support service team. They will inform you about its eligibility criteria. In addition, you can also ask about restrictions associated with this program. 

Free Laptop For Low-Income Students

Many students can’t buy laptops due to financial conditions. So the Government helps such students by providing free laptops. You can qualify for such a program if you cannot buy laptops.

Low-Income Students

Before the application procedure, it is necessary to examine the eligibility criteria of such institutions. Because free laptop provider organizations need documents like income proof or participation in Government assistance programs such as EBB, additionally stay connected to campaigns and local events which can offer free of cost laptops. The Government run’s several programs for senior members. If you’re a senior member of state then you can obtain a free tablet.

Free Laptops For Low-Income Families

Various organizations are delivering free gadgets to low-income. Before seeking a free laptop, research organizations in your region. They will provide up-to-date information about the application process and eligibility criteria. 

Low-Income Families

Such organizations have their criteria to judge who is eligible for this offer. Sometimes they ask for bank details like tax returns and pay stubs. Moreover, they have specific thresholds for income, which may vary with region and state. Safelink also helps needy people by offering free tablets, you can also qualify for Safelink Wireless EBB tablet program.

If you can’t afford to purchase your child’s laptop, visit their school or local library. You can also request teachers and panel members to provide a free laptop. 

Eligibility Criteria To Get Free Laptop

Each organization sets its criteria for providing a free laptop. Some standard criteria for receiving free laptops possess the following:

  • American Citizenship
  • ID (Passport, Driver’s License, Social security number).
  • Documents to prove income.
Eligibility requirements

Suppose you or any family member participated in the following Government assistant programs. Then you will be considered qualified for a free laptop:

  • Food Stamps.
  • Section 8.
  • National School Lunch Free Program (LSLP).
  • TANF or Assistance Program for Needy People.
  • Medicaid.
  • Pell Grant.
  • Social Security Disability. 
  • Veteran Benefits.
  • Head Start.
  • Unemployment Benefits.
  • Low-income home emergency assistance program. 

Free Laptop Provider For Low-Income Families & Students

Several organizations provide free laptops for low-income. Some of them are given below. 


World Computer Exchange

The world computer exchange, a non-profit organization, provides free laptops to low-income people. This association strives to bridge the digital divide by providing tools like laptops and computers. World computer exchange also collaborates with governments, Schools, NGOs, and libraries to give free access to the Internet. 

To determine whether the world computer exchange offers free laptops, visit the official website. You can also visit the world computer exchange association for more accurate information. They will provide the most recent details about the application process. Before visiting the WCE office, ensure you have complete documents because they can ask for low-income proof. 

Computer For Kids

Computer For Kids, a non-profit organization, works in southern California to provide free laptops to low-income. This organization collects used & new laptops from individuals and businesses. Their volunteers work to refurbish these gadgets to be used again. 

Sometimes the Government also sponsors Computer For Kids. The Government releases funds to deliver free laptops to those without access to good gadgets like computers and smartphones.

Local community partnerships like schools, libraries, and service agencies help Computer For Kids to identify needy people. They verify their documents as proof of low income. After this, they deliver free laptops with internet access. 

Everyone One

Everyone On is another non-profit organization active in almost 50 states of the USA. They aim to provide low-cost, inexpensive laptops to those whose yearly income is below $35000. To avail of this offer, visit their official website to check information about the application and eligibility criteria. 

Volunteers of Everyone On collect these laptops from donors and then check whether donated laptops are in good condition. If laptops are good, they distribute them to needy people; otherwise, they try to recycle their inactive parts. 

PCs For People

PCs for People is another non-profitable organization that helps to provide free laptops to those families & students who can’t afford to buy them. This organization, like others, has rules and regulations to fulfil to get a free laptop. You would be eligible for this offer if your revenue, according to federal poverty guidelines, is less than 200%. 

In affiliation with other NGOs, this organization collects laptops from those who want to donate. Then experts check the condition of equipment like computers and laptops. Hereafter, their team decided to deliver these donated laptops to low earners.


Interconnection, a non-profitable organization working in the Seattle region, helps those without access to technological gadgets. It provides low-cost and affordable laptops to low-income families and students. This organization works as an online store and delivers free laptop manufacturers from Apple, Lenovo, Dell etc. 

If you want to acquire more information about eligibility criteria & application process, check out their official website, They will provide an application, fill it with your precise data and submit it. Now you must sit tight and await their confirmation call. They are to inform you of the application status. 

One Laptop per Child

One Laptop per Child (OLPC) is a non-profitable organization that provides affordable & low-cost equipment like laptops and smartphones. XO is the main product of One laptop per child (0LPC). These laptops are specially designed for children. They have a user-friendly interface and low power consumption. 

To fulfil the requirements of targeted communities, OLPC has developed XO laptops in such a way that they have pre-installed educational content, which includes the following:

  • Lessons.
  • Educational games.
  • Programming tools. 

To get more details, visit the official website Where you will find comprehensive information about the application form & eligibility criteria

Free Geeks

Another non-profitable organization, Free Geeks, is working to provide affordable laptops for low-income families and students. However, Free Geeks does not offer free laptops. They deliver only refurbished and discounted laptops and other technological equipment. However, sometimes they provide an opportunity to get a free laptop through their “Earn a Computer” program. 

If you want to acquire a laptop at a low price, follow these guidelines. 

  • Research Free Geek: Visit free geeks’ official website or their office to learn more about the application procedure and eligibility criteria. 
  • Eligibility Criteria: Fee Geeks have their eligibility criteria for students and low income. So before visiting their office, check that your documents are complete.

Free Geeks

The Kramden Institute is another charitable organization located in North Carolina. This organization collects used laptops from individuals and businesses. Once they complete donations, the next process is to check whether these gadgets are in a working position. Their team ensures donated laptops are in functional order and ready to use.

Kramden Institutes (KI) has various schemes through which it offers free laptops to those who can’t buy good gadgets. Grade K-12 is one of KI’s most prominent schemes to provide students with free laptops. This institute also offers free training to low-income families & students so that they can learn more about technology. 

Per Scholas

Per Scholas (PS) is one of the largest organizations providing technology training. They not only provide training but also offer free laptops. Simultaneously, their main goal is skills development. If you have a low turnover and want to apply for a free laptop, follow the steps.

  • Research Per Scholas: First, visit the official website of Per Scholas ( for more information about the application process. They can assist you in this procedure.
  • Eligibility Criteria: Each organization has its unique eligibility criteria. If you meet their requirements, then fulfill your application form. 

Per Scholas also provides free training to low-income families and students. They include the following:

  •  Hands-on learning experiences.
  •  Industry-recognized certifications.
  • Job placement assistance

World Possible

World Possible is another charitable association that was founded in 2009. The main purpose of this organization is to give access to sound gadgets like computers and laptops to those who can’t afford them.

The primary ambition of World Possible is to implement remote area community hotspots for instruction and learning programs. It is an offline digital library that includes:

  • Educational content.
  • Textbooks.
  • Videos.
  • Interactive lessons. 

The E2D Project

Eliminate the Digital Divide, known as The E2D Projects, is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. The purpose of this scheme is to give access to technological gadgets. It works where students and low-income families cannot access laptops and the Internet. For this purpose, they collaborate with regional communities.   

In addition, this organization distributes laptops and provides training to polish digital skills. They also collaborate with Internet service provider companies to improve internet connectivity.

How To Apply to the Program

Each organization has a different method to apply in this program. If you are interested in applying to acquire free laptops for low-income, you can visit the local organization office. They will inform you about the eligibility criteria and the application process. 

After the application procedure, their team will check your data. If you meet their criteria, they will inform you via mail. In case of rejection, check your application to see whether it misses personal information like income proof. They will additionally help you in this procedure. 

Free Laptops For Low-Income People Application Form

Application for free laptop for low-income

Several organizations provide application forms for free laptops for low-income. Each organization sets its criteria for an application form. Sometimes they ask for documentation to verify your provided information. If your income falls under the guidelines of the federal poverty line and fulfills the criteria of Medicaid and food stamps, then you are deemed eligible for a free laptop. Further you may also qualify for Medicaid free laptops program.

Application Fee

Fees for laptop application process

As discussed before, each organization has its criteria. Sometimes they can provide an application form. In this case, you have to pay no fees because it is a helping program that serves low-income families and students so that they can also participate in the country’s progress. You have to deliver only your information. 

Benefits and Drawbacks of Free Laptops For Low-income

Free laptops have various pros and cons, which are mentioned below.


  • Accessibility: It is a known fact that laptop prices are increasing daily. Providing free laptops is a big relief for those students and low-income families who can’t afford such gadgets. 
  • Access to Information: A laptop allows an individual to search many things like news, educational videos, and tutorials. It plays a crucial role in individual growth, expanding knowledge, and lifelong learning. 
  • Educational Opportunities: Having a laptop helps students in the learning process. They can search for educational tutorials that will enhance their knowledge. In addition, it will assist in their success. 
  • Source of Connectivity: Laptops enable you to stay connected with family and friends through messaging apps and social media platforms. 
  • Professional Development And Job Search: By having a laptop, an individual can search for job opportunities. It also helps to take part in online job training and to improve professional skills. 


  • Limited Availability: Many people need more awareness about free laptops for low-income. Due to this reason, they can get technological tools. Organizations should conduct free seminars for awareness to enhance the advantages of such programs. 
  • Eligibility Criteria: Free Laptop provider organization implements eligibility criteria to get inexpensive gadgets. It excludes many people who need to meet specific requirements. 
  • Dependence on Donations: Many organizations depend on donations from businesses and individuals. If they can’t collect laptops as they have demand, they have to cut off their supply in this situation. 
  • Technological Limitations: Sometimes, individuals and businesses donate old version laptops. It can limit their user experience, functionality, and performance. 
  • Maintenance And Support: Donated tools like laptops do not require technical support or maintenance. If they face issues, then an individual seeks assistance from other sources. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can share your laptop with friends, but you can’t sell it. If you want to sell, contact the laptop provider organization, they will guide you about its restrictions. 

You would be eligible for a free laptop if you are a permanent citizen of the US or your yearly income is $35000 or less than it. 

You will get Thinkpad X131e and Lenovo laptop, which have 500 hard drive capacity and 4 GB RAM. 

Yes, you can repair your free laptop without getting permission.

It depends on the donors and free laptops providing organizations. If they collect new laptops from donors, you will also receive new ones. 

Final Thoughts

There was a time when most people were unaware of new technological tools like laptops. Over time, the world progressed, and such tools have become an essential part of our daily life. 

But still, numerous families are facing millions of issues in their lives and can’t afford good gadgets. Luckily, now various organizations are lending a hand to provide free laptops for low-income students and families. These programs only require an application form. After that, if you qualify for this program, they will deliver a free laptop. 

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