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In the digital society, access to gadgets like tablets is pivotal for education and communication. With the help of these tablets, you can watch tutorials and participate in online webinars.

However, many low-income individuals can’t afford to buy these Blu m8l tablets. Now, the Government has kicked off an initiative to provide Blu M8l tablet free Government. This article will deliver the requisite information on getting a Blu M8L tablet free. Beside these you can other free Government tablet offers.

How Blu Free Tablet Program Works?

Blu is Miami’s based electronic organization. They team up with Chinese companies like Doogee, QiKU, Gionee, and Koobee to offer top-notch cell phones. 

Although these devices have high prices, worry not; now the Government provides these devices through the ACP and Lifeline programs. If you fulfill their requirement, they will hand you a new-branded Blu m8l tablet for free from the Government. While senior members of state can also obtain low-cost tablets. If you’re a senior member of State then free tablet programs for seniors.

Top Providers of Blu M8L Tablet Free Government

Below are providers that offer a Blu 8ml tablet free Government to low-income people.

Top Providers of Blu M8L Tablet Free Government

Assurance Wireless 

The US-based program Assurance Wireless helps needy people with free cell phones. However, it also offers free phone services to eligible candidates.

Furthermore, it also provides an Assurance Wireless free tablet to those who can’t afford expensive gadgets like tablets. Most of them provide these tablets through the Lifeline program. 


Lifeline Assistance Program companion TruConnect provides free tablets to low-earning individuals. For this purpose, they work in rural areas where they have no access to gadgets like tablets. 

TruConnect also provides inexpensive and free cell phones to needy people. Additionally, they offer free talk time texts. So, getting a free phone with monthly services is like hitting the jackpot.

Q Link Wireless

Another telecommunication company, Q Link Wireless, provides free and affordable phone services. Mainly, Q Link Wireless provides these services to low-income and eligible individuals. 

Along with free phones, Q Link Wireless also provides free tablets to low-income people who are counting penny pictures. If you’re low-income and want to obtain a free Government tablet, visit

AirTalk Wireless

AirTalk Wireless provides free phone services to eligible candidates. The sole aim of this organization is to equip low-income people with advanced tools like phones and tablets. 

AirTalk Wireless operates in Alaska, Delaware, Florida, Colorado, Arizona, Alabama, and New York. If you’re low-income and wish to acquire a free tablet from AirTalk Wireless, visit 

To get information about the Blu 8ml tablet free Government, you can contact AirTalk Wireless at 1-877-543-8957. Their support members will deliver all information about the Blu tablet program.

NewPhone Wireless 

Another Government-funded program, NewPhone Wireless, offers free phone services to deserving people. NewPhone is mainly designed to help low-income households and individuals who can’t afford phone bills. 

If you want to acquire NewPhone Wireless services, you must fulfill their program requirements. To qualify for NewPhone Wireless, you must participate in Government helping programs like Medicaid, SNAP, and Pell Grants.

Cintex Wireless 

Cintex Wireless is also a Government-subsidized program that helps needy people with free cell phone services. It collaborates with the ACP and Lifeline program to provide free services to eligible candidates. 

Unity Wireless also Government based program which offer free tablets to economically challenged individuals. If you’re also one facing monetary issue then must check out Unity Wireless free tablet program.

Which Kind of Blu Smartphone Tablet is provided?

The following are a few tablet models that are provided through the Government assistance program:

  • Blu 211 Tab.
  • Blu M8l Plus.
  • Blu M8l.
  • Blu Touch Book 7.0
  • Blu M7l.
  • Blu MobiTab 1.

But remember, before acquiring a Blu smartphone tablet free, you must check whether the service suppliers provide your desired tablet. While you can also explore Safelink free tablet program.

Best Features of Blu Tablet Free Government

The following are features of the Blu smartphone tablet.

FeaturesBlu 211 TabBlu M8l PlusBlu M8lBlu Touch Book 7.0Blu MobiTab1Blu M7l
Display7-Inches Display8-Inches Display8-Inches Display7-Inches Display7-Inches Display7-Inches Display
Processor/OS1 GHzAndroid 11Android 11Qualcomm MSM7227-T SnapdragonCortex A10Android A10
StorageExpandable = 32GBInternal = 4GB32GB 32GB512MBExpandable =32GBInternal =4GB32GB
BatteryLi-Ion 3000 mAhLi-Po 4300 mAhLi-Po 4000 mAhLi-Ion 4250 mAh Li-Ion 3000 mAhLi-Po 2800 mAh

Now, do not sit on the fence and choose your favorite Blu Smartphone tablet. 

Application Procedure For Blu M8l Tablet 

Following are three ways to submit a Blu Tablet application.

Application Procedure For Free Tablets

Online Application 

  • First, visit the USAC portal and check whether you qualify for the Blu M8l Tablet Government program.
  • If you qualify for the Blu M8l tablet free, scroll down and press “Apply Now.”
  • Now, this portion has some questions about your territory and state; answer these questions and press the “Get started” button. 
  • Now, fill out the Blu smartphone tablet application with the required information such as address, Identity card, and social security number.
  • Also, attach the mentioned documents with the Blu tablet application form.
  • Finally, check the free tablet application to see whether you have provided appropriate information.
  • After verification, press the submit button. 

Via Mail 

USAC also approves free tablet application forms. For this procedure, follow the below steps:

  • Visit ACP’s official page and download the Blu M8l tablet free Government application form. 
  • Fill out this paperwork according to the provided instructions and attach the mentioned documents. 
  • Finally, send this paperwork to the official support center of ACP, PO Box 7081, London, KY 40742.

Via Service Provider 

To submit a Blu smartphone tablet free via the service provider, follow the below steps:

  • First, find a Blu M8l Tablet free Government service supplier in your neck of the woods that provides free tablets.
  • You can also search Blu smartphone tablet free provider through Google and Linkedin. 
  • Once you find a service supplier that is active in the territory, visit their office and ask for free Government tablet paperwork.
  • Now, follow the mentioned instructions and fill it with the appropriate information. 
  • Finally, hand over this Government tablet application to the service supplier and ask for verification. 

Did you know you can also qualify for Metro PCS free tablets? If not check their application and qualification procedure.

Eligibility For Blu M8l Tablet Free Government

Below are the eligibility criteria to obtain a free Government tablet:

  • To obtain a Blu M8l tablet free from the Government, applicants must belong to a low-earning household whose income must be below 200% according to the federal poverty instructions.
  • You must be below 18 or above.
  • Those members who have partaken in Government assistance programs like SNAP, Medicaid, Federal Public Housing Assistance, WIC, and Supplemental Security Income will be eligible for Blu M8l tablet free Government.
  • Furthermore, if an applicant has taken part in the School Breakfast Program, the free School Lunch Program and Pell Grant will be qualified for a free tablet.
  • To avail of free Government tablets, you must be a citizen of the state or territory where ACP service suppliers offer Blu tablets.

Required Documents For Blu M8l Tablet Free Government

Below are the required documents to get the Blu M8l tablet free:

  • Income Proof – Provide paycheck stubs, previous year tax returns, and Employee statements that show your income is below 200% according to the federal poverty guidelines. 
  • Address Verification – You must submit a utility bill, ID card copy, Driver’s license, and lease statement that shows you’re the right candidate for Blu M8l tablet free Government. 
  • Participation in Government Programs – To get the Blu M8l tablet, you can provide a letter or statement that shows you were part of the Government helping programs. 

If you provide the above documents, the service suppliers team will review your paperwork. If you fulfill free tablet requirements, they will notify you via mail or call. 

Reasons Behind Rejection of Blu M8l Tablet Application 

Sometimes Blu M8l service suppliers don’t approve your paperwork for a free tablet; some common reasons are listed below:

  • Incomplete Application – A few Blu M8l candidates forget to put the requisite information. Due to this reason, free tablet suppliers reject free tablet applications.
  • Documents Issues – Another reason for the Blu M8l tablet application rejection is incomplete documents like Utility bills or income proof. 
  • Limited Funds – Sometimes, the Government releases limited funds for free tablets, which is why a few candidates can’t get their desired device due to limited funds. 

Activation Process of Blu Smartphone Free Tablet

Follow the below steps to activate your Blu smartphone M8l tablet free:

Activation Process of free Blu M8L Tablet
  • First, press power on the button of your free tablet.
  • Enter the user name with the password to activate the Wi-Fi network.
  • If you have a prior Google account, log in, while you can also create a new one.
  • After that, check whether the software needs any updates.
  • Moreover, download your desired application from Playstore. 

After performing the above steps, your free Blu M8l tablet will be activated.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Getting Blu M8l Tablet

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of acquiring a free Blu M8 Tablet.


  • Enormous Battery – The free Blu M8l tablet has a massive battery timing. You can watch study-related tutorials and play games without searching for a plug. 
  • GPS Support – The Blu M8l free tablet has GPS support options that allow its users to navigate and detect exact locations.
  • Wide Display – These Government tablets have a 6 to 7-inch wide display. It allows users to play games, watch tutorials, and browse content.
  • Expandable Storage – Free Government Blu M8l tablets are flexible like gymnasts. These free tablets have a microSD slot that allows their users to expand their storage to download videos, pictures, and apps. 


  • Stressful Application Process – The Blu M8l tablet free Government application process is stressful. Due to this reason, many applicants do not submit their applications.
  • Support Issues – There are a lot of support issues in case your free Government tablet faces any error. 
  • Less Customization – These free Government tablets have few restrictions, like you can’t update or download more applications. 
  • Charging Issues – The Blu M8l tablets charge slowly. Due to this reason, many users can’t finish their work on time.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Purely, it depends on the free Government supplier whether to provide a tablet that has a warranty. But most of the free Government tablets have a one or two-year warranty. 

Yes, a few service suppliers replaced free Government tablets.

The Government provides tablets without any fees, but sometimes service suppliers may ask for extra charges. Therefore, before acquiring a free tablet, ask the service supplier for delivery charges.

Obviously, you are free to share your free Government tablet with your family members.

Service suppliers allow only one member to acquire a Blu M8l free tablet. 


The Government helps low-earning people with free phones, computers, and tablets. For this purpose, they provide a Blu M8l tablet. If your income is according to federal poverty guidelines, contact the mentioned service suppliers; they provide a free tablet. 

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